Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan


Year Released: 2006

Episodes: 12


Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan is an Ecchi comedy anime about 4 magical princesses from another world who go on their daily lives in the human world. It stars Uma, A magician girl who is really not great with magic. Pachira, The vampire who's very self concious about her chest size. Liru, The wearwolf girl that many people would know from a Hentai game more than the show itself. And Aiko, The android who I think runs on Windows XP but honestly the best character in my opinion. They all spend day to day doing all kinds of shenanigans with each other or with other people. Either trying to impress a man or doing some other kind of thing, That's what this show tends to be. There's really not much of an Overarching storyline or anything, There's some aspects where there's some connection to other episodes but for the most part it's very episodic and not much of a story going on. Surprisingly I will admit that there's some really sweet moments in each episode but most noticably revolving around Aiko who tends to be the most tradgic character of the bunch. And well... Of course this Anime tends to have those Ecchi moments in the mix whether it's panty shots or just straight up breasts being exposed on just about every character. Which may actually end up turning quite a bit people off from the show, But hey when you see Liru Wolf on the cover, it's something that's to be expected.(To clarify, I'm not a fan of the younger looking characters getting fanserviced...) Overall, The moments I liked the most were the funny moments and sweet moments, I end up liking the characters for who they are in the end.

Other Thoughts

Not gonna lie, I thought that the character Pachira looked so familiar but I realized that maybe it was due to roleplaying with a person when I was in my teens. Other than that, If they ever somehow came back and made like a second season over nearly 2 decades later I think I would watch it cause I'd love to see Aiko actually become a human and revist andromeda again, I thought that was so interesting and the entire moment was bitter sweet when they originally did it. But hey it's all just a comedy in the end.

Rating: 7.5/10