Symphogear is a Magical Girl Anime in which the girls turn into "Symphogears" by singing. It's all about them fighting the Noise that constantly occurs into the city of Tokyo (Or I assume Tokyo they just called it the City but it happens in Japan). I can't really give much plot details for all that happens as I feel like it may spoil some aspects of the story. There's characters that the main character meets that have more character development then Hibiki herself and they honestly became the better character in this. The action is also really cool and for the abilities they have is really neat. Music is kinda the main aspect here and I gotta say, They're all so awesome and they make the fight scenes even better. It's that constant hype that it brings to the table like "Yeah they're gonna win!" but may not win. Of course this anime has a bit of fanservice but IMO not as bad as something like Kill la Kill, But they often look too much especially for characters who are still in high school (Though what's weird is that only one of the characters is an Adult and still attending high school? Like I kinda get why but also just kinda funny.)

Overall, Despite some flaws, It's still a fun anime to watch and have a few emotional moments in the mix too.

Rating: 8/10