Katamari Demacy Reroll

Platform Played On: PC


Katamari Demacy is a game where you play as The Prince who must roll up various things to grow your Katamari. The goal of the game is to reach the limit but to also try and make a high score on every star that the game throws at you or do the challenges that the game offers as a bonus.


The story is honestly really funny as basically, You the Prince must recreate a star due to the fact that your father The King of Cosmos went around and destroyed many stars out there. Therefore you must go out of your way to roll various materials in order to make the new star. Overall, The story is simple and fits the game, This game wasn't really meant to be about the story but there is some various interesting things about it. But in the end, It's all for the setting.


The gameplay is really fun! Basically if you've seen 5 seconds of gameplay, You know what you're getting into. However, The controls for the game is very intersting and unique for what any game I have ever played provided. This game has a huge focus on the thumbsticks to move around with. The controls of the game is awkward at first but after a while you get used to how the gameplay is and next thing you know you're out there doubling the width of your Katamari and seriously impress the king for your accomplishments. Honestly? I feel like a natural moving around. There's 10 main levels to the game but also various challenge stars you can do, Which typically each time you complete a star, the game throws about 1-2 extra challenges at you, Not only that but completing Stars and challenges will also unlock Cousins you can play as instead of the Prince (I chose to stick with the prince lol). Also in the main levels, There's gifts you can find when rolling around, They're typically in a bit of a tricky place. Everytime you get a present and complete the level, you get an accessory for your character to wear. Overall, The gameplay is really fun and cathartic with plenty of replayability.


The music in this game is honestly really good throughout, I would not lie and say that these songs have been stuck in my head all day while I was at work. It has various diverse amount of music and some of them can be really funny with how the lyrics can be when rolling up people in the game. Just imagine, "I WANNA ROLL YOU UP INTO MY LIFE" While rolling up people when they're all screaming and running away, It's so funny!... Or that I'm a psychopath or something. Anyways, All the songs are really good and I love them all, Check out the OST online if you for some reason don't want to play it.


Overall, Katamari Damacy was one of those games I've always wanted to play on my PS2 but never actually got a chance to find it in stores. Growing up as a teen with a not so great gaming PC also meant Emulation was out of the picture because my computer wasn't up to par with it. However, Finally at 25 years old now, I'm so glad I finally got to play such a gaming classic. There are a few flaws like how sometimes the Katamari can get stuck and that you basically have to take chip damage to finally get it unstock after a few minutes, and I felt like the game needed just a bit more levels as that this game is 30$ on steam. Other than that, I honestly loved this game in the end, The final level was so satisfying to do and I'm glad there's endless stars you can make after you beat it too.

SCORE 8/10