Pizza Tower

Platform Played On:PC (Steam)


Pizza Tower is a game based on the Wario series. More particularly Wario Land 4. Basically, You go through and escape each level and sometimes you will have a Boss to fight. There's about 4 different zones and a total of 5 bosses. Each Zone may have various different level quantities but it has 4 total typically.


The story is very simple through and through. It starts with peppino who is the owner of his own pizza place being threatened by Pizzaface. Pizzaface threatens to blow up Peppino's pizza place as Peppino must go out of his way to stop him by going to the Pizza Tower and climbing up it. It's a very simple story, Mainly due to the whole selling point of the game is through everything else. But I will say, The cutscenes that show does look pretty good for the style it has.


The gameplay is probably Pizza Tower's greatest aspect as It's kinda like Wario mixture with sonic. You can go fast and climb up walls and even do super jumps when you have enough speed. It may actually take some time to get used to the controls as you hold R to go REALLY fast. Peppino has various different kinds of moves to defeat enemies, Some Wrestling moves and that you can just beat an enemy with another enemy. There's also various different powerups that you can find laying around too. Though typically they're only available in a few levels, The developers made sure to make some of the gameplay powerup gimmicks last multiple levels at minimum they get used twice, At most you may see them quite a bit through other levels. I will not spoil anything regarding the ending of the game as I think that the ending is really fantastic and made the game worth playing through for all this time. I should also note that each level has a Ranking, You want to get to S but if you're psychotic, Go for P rank as it's the extra rank above S. There's various collectables and score to keep up with if you want to try and 100% your entire save file. Overall, The gameplay can turn a game from 8 horus to many hours of doing achievements and trying to 100% the game, It's really enjoyable to do.


Let me just say, The music is fantastic and I think the final boss music is actually better than Megalovania. But let's try not to get too hasty. There's quite a bit of Genres going on through each othe stages as there's stages with multiple types of songs in many levels. I actually love all of them as the music is perfectly crafted to each stage. It's really hard for me to describe all of the songs, But I can say that it's just *Chefs Kiss*. The Boss themes are all great, Especially that final boss theme, Oh my goodness that Boss theme was so fricking good that it fits so well. There's about 135 Songs total according to Gallant Goon's playlist, Which is A lot to get through.


For all the platformers I have played at the moment, Pizza Tower is probably one of the best 2d platformers I have ever played. The Music, Gameplay, Level structure etc. This game is honestly been one of my Game of the Years this year and I give it a major recommendation to play. It's quite of a treat to play.

SCORE 9.5/10