Super Mario Wonder

Platform Played On: "Switch"


Super Mario Wonder is another game of the Super Mario Bros series of games. If you're already familiar with the Mario games then this game should be a no brainer for what this game maybe like. You run and jump and gain powerups to get through levels and you get to travel through the worlds and fight the bosses.


So the story is again, Just some simple stuff. Basically Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Toad, Toad, Toadette, Yoshi, Yoshi, Yoshi, Yoshi, and Gambit all go to this celebration in this kingdom called "Florian Kingdom" And basically Bowser (Once Again) messes everything up and proceeds to take the kingdoms power and ended up transforming into a castle (Yeah very trippy stuff here but not as trippy as the rest of the game). And basically this is all for a rock concert, Already kinda lower on the scale of reason compared to kidnapping women like Peach.


Gameplay is in general good. If I had to describe the gameplay feel, It feels like they took New Super Mario Bros and actually made the controls much better and tighter. There are new powerups involved, Elephant, Bubble, and Drill however the original fire flower is also present in the game. I will say that the Elephant Powerup, the one they kept showing off, is honestly not that great and infact sometimes ended up being a handicap for when I go through certain levels and I still have it on. The Drill is more of a situational kind powerup and can be handy in certain situations. But the Bubble? That Powerup is one of my favorites. Not only do you shoot bubbles and basically have enemies absorb into coins, But you can actually used the bubbles to bounce on them. And depending on what level you're on, You can basically fly if you time your bubble presses. The Wonder seed at first is kind of a cool and fun gimmick and they really went all out at the beginning with the wonder seed gimmick, However overtime the gimmick fades as some of the Wonder Seed gimmicks ends up being very lame and just scraping on the bottom of the barrel, This is more apparent the more you go through the worlds. However they then pull out some really cool things later on and ESPECIALLY so on the final world. Now something that dissapointed me in this game is that there's a total of 5 bosses, I am not joking, Out of the 6 worlds (7 if you could basically the middle area), There's only 4 bosses and they're all the same thing except slightly different attacks, And they're not good. The first two was well, Good as it was but the last 2 ended up being cake walks as I shake my head. 2 of the world does NOT even have a single boss, Just the last world has the final boss and jesus christ Imma be real, The presentation to the fight is great, I loved the level, but the final part, you have to get into rhythm which isn't hard and that the fight just becomes pathetic, I have seriously had harder times on Wonder Seeds and other levels then just that on a world that's supposedly 5 star. One last thing I'd like the mention is that the badge mechanic is interesting, Some of it makes it more baby mode than it actually is (Seriously this game is really easy there was no reason), However there's some that actually brings genuine challenge to the game that's worth getting if you like a more challenging game. Otherwise, Dolphin Kick just felt like a huge QOL and I liked that but the extra speed made it a lot of fun too. Overall, The gameplay is avarage.


This game is repetitive in music choices in the current year if I'll be real and some of them are just... Not good. Don't get me wrong, There's some good music and especially some REALLY good remixes featuring in this game, But I feel like some of the things could have been better and that there could have been way more songs.


Super Mario Wonder is just to me, avarage. while felt rushed in a way. This game had a lot of potential to be even better than it was but again, This game is only about 8 hours from what I played and beaten of the game (I've seen people actually 100% in 16 hours). And I know that people will praise it more than I do and I do respect their opinion, But this game isn't nearly as good as I thought it would, Going with the lack of different bosses and not that many worlds in the main story and some of the levels just not being greatly designed levels. But for the rest of it? It's honestly fun and can be REALLY fun at times, Just that Nintendo should have put this in the oven more (yet again) and I would not doubt that later there will be new DLC (Or content update since that's what they've been doing) for this game that will add more levels to play and maybe even new characters and powerups. Overall it's just good and I do recommend giving it a shot, Rent it if you can.

SCORE 7/10