[10-17-22] Stuff and Hiatus

It's another update from yours truly

Art Shenanigans

It's been a very hot minute since I last posted on here around. So I just want to say that I've been improving on my art! Been getting more and more things down pat and learning more on how to draw in general. If you haven't seen it, Check it out on my Newgrounds account! It's in the links

Taking an Hiatus

So I will say this that I think I'm going to take a Hiatus from this site a bit to focus more on my other projects. Mainly art and all that. I'm not really as satisfied with the layout 100%. As I stated before, I will be doing basically a V3 of this site, This time with probably better Picture links and all that. But on the backend to have a proper CSS and actual Font for the page. I don't wanna make too many updates to where It will take me a very long time to do. I'm still quite a noob when it comes to web building and I just want to go ahead and do an overhaul of the Site's backend. I will end up trying to port all of my newsposts and stuff over.

Trying to code or to not to code

Game development has always torn me into pieces. I want to do 3d platformer/JRPG styled games but doing pixel art is not easy and that It's hard for me to get into rhythm to do these things, especially considering I will have to do everything on my own if I want to do things for free. Basically being my 1 man team. Which is why I'm trying to excel in every skill. But as soon as I'm back I'll have something cooked up maybe. I don't know, I can't really keep these promises that easily. I just have to keep on with the rhythm that I have with art for right now.

.. And I guess some IRL stuff I'll drop here too

So I guess maybe I should explain my living situation. I know i come off a bit privilidge to say that I have been living with my gf's parents for a few years at this point and I do pay rent and everything. But overtime it seems like privacy invasion and all that has been quite of an issue. I doubt they will see this and all that. But I will be trying to work extra hard to end up trying to move out in the next few years as hard as that might actually be to accomplish. But I just need to be careful of my spending instead of being careless. I do hope I can maybe eventually get good enough to open a generalized patreon for my stuff in general. The extra income would help graciously, going towards my personal stuff AND projects. However I don't think I would end up shilling it out with every chance of my breath but instead have a thing laying around. But I don't know if I would ever get to that point, But considering how much I improve with every art and how much i tend to study art quite a bit on my freetime, Who knows? Patreon will never be the main focus of Income, As I currently have plans IRL that goes beyond Patreon as income (that isn't relying on my creativity). For now, I just need to work really hard and put my spare money away in the meantime. I feel like it would be worth it in the end.