[10-2-22] Super Busy Room Shenanigans

Holy shit it's been nearly 2 weeks huh? I'm not dead, But damn it felt only last week I made my last post @_@. Anyways, What have I been up to?

Room construction

Ah yea, So last week I did work on my room. Painted the walls black and tore out my carpet. Which was something I was meaning to do at the beginning of the year but never did. Well, Apparently the carpet in this house had mold! Yes Mold! And I ended up taking care of that issue on my own! Gross I know. On the bright side I'm going to do even more with my room and hopefully get it tricked out with tons of things with it.

Computer upgrading

The thing that prompted the whole thing to happen was actually because of the PC upgrade. I had quite a bit of money in my account so I decided to do my room on top, But onto the main thing. When it comes to modern computers, I have this huge problem that many of these pc cases are basically gaming cases which the whole main thing about em is the Aesthetics. It would be hypocritical to say this without mentioning that I was one of those who wanted to get into the whole rgb things but... Man, You sacrifice things for the sake of RGB, Mainly because you lose front panel access which means that if you wanted a CD drive, You would need to get a USB cd drive thing which just ends up hanging off of your computer and it looks horrindous! Well, This week I have finally moved away from that and put my computer in a new Chasis and even got myself a new Heatsink which is a Noctua heatsink, Which is very quiet except for the fact that I can hear my GPU fans. I'm planning on later to upgrade my GPU to a Noctua Geforce RTX 3070 so I can maximize that quietness. But anyways, The case I got for my computer is a Thor V2 by Rosewill and the fact that they're still making these is amazing to me. It's a case from the early 2010's and it still Kicks ass, It's fucking HUGE! It gives me 6 Drive bays (Even one for Floppy drives), and 6 Hard Drive bays. The crazy thing that I'm going to do later is implant 6 20 TB HDDS into my system and raid them together. Whopping 120TB computer in my hands. I could also get a Sata PCIE card so that I would have extra Sata ports I can use. But yeah, This thing is gonna be a beast when i get done with it.

Game Development

So I did go through and learned how to use Gdevelop and I don't have anything made yet but I've been having ideas. Mainly this idea is gonna be a short Platformer game with like 3 worlds, 9 levels. Simple right? I want to make it based off of Super Mario World specifically, But like it does it's own thing. But uh, Because I have been busy the past week I wasn't able to really start on it (I was out of a computer for a moment + work). But this weekend I do have free time now and stuff.

Artistic stuff

Yeah I have been using my tablet as of late. I have posted some stuff online though just haven't updated my art page yet because I wanna get through with my characters. Kinda feeling it kinda not, It depends on how I feel. But if you want to go check out my art you can go to https://anonicus.newgrounds.com/ to see what I've been doing

That wraps everything up, I hope everyone is having a swell time, Seeyah.