[10-24-22] A Website Reborn!

The New Website layout!

Well that was kind of a short Hiatus wasn't it? Hello Everyone and welcome to a new Blogpost! On the new layout. So, I think the website looks so much better now. However, As you may notice, There's some things that are lacking compared to the previous site. There's not that many links going nowhere now! But no worries. This new layout system should actually be much better and that it should be much better to navigate around now. It should also look good on old school monitors too! But here's the exciting part for me, There's now less code for every page! Now everything is on a css file instead (Which I should have done before). Also, There should not be any web page flashing that occurs when you're browsing around now. Which is much better (And will prevent epilepsy!). Also since everything is on a Css file, I can be able to change the font from one place instead of having to go through Page by Page doing it. Also, the homepage now have some cute graphics, And there's someone there also wanting to talk to you about the si-

"Okay Okay we get it"

   "I hope you don't mind me taking this spot for a moment. Anyways, We've already met on the frontpage but my name is Rango, The really tough tomboy. It's honestly a pleasure to meet you stranger." She said putting her hand out for a handshake.

Erm... Rango they Ca-

"Yeah yeah I know they can't, But still I'm just trying to be polite here. Eh, Don't mind Anonicus. The entity is fine, and Deffinitally harmless heh" She smirks. "Anyways, I don't know if you noticed but the site badge had me on it, I'm the mascot of Anonicus. Anonicus was going to make the character dex to show us all, But the entity wants to be lazy and doesn't want to be productive" She said rolling her eyes and then chuckling

Oh c'mon Rango! Agh... Well okay I kinda deserve to be roasted here. But yes, She's the Sites Mascot. I didn't really show her previously, But I have a feeling she'll be around helping you around the site portals. I got her to tell you all about what each portal is and the purpose. You'll be able to find Buttons linked to the places for us to show you my works! Rango doesn't really do anything creative other than being good at fighting.

That's all I have, See you next time!

"Heh, I'll be around if you need me going across portal to portal." Rango says