[10/26/22] Thinking with my ThinkPad

Yep! New Laptop time!

Hello everyone! Welcome to this latest blogpost. Recently I ordered myself a brand new ThinkPad, Okay well it's actually used but still new to me! The model I recently got was a T480, Practically the last of the Thinkpads that has a removable Battery. So far I've actually been loving it, Even though I got it today as of writing this post. Which means I can update the site wherever I go! But, Honestly there's a reason, and a good reason why I got one. Well, Just like with Social Media and how I use the internet on a daily basis, I'm actually going to be getting rid of smartphones and will be relying on using more dumbphones here on out. Moreso, The phone I will be using is going to be a Punkt MP02. Which will grant me Internet access to the laptop so I have my own network I can use. It's a big step but practically all I use my phone for is an alternate way to browse the internet anymore, Any apps I can just use the webbrowser. This will also be a lot more privacy respecting over just having a smartphone. So yeah, I'm ready to challenge the limitations of the future. Did I mention that my Laptop is running Artix Lnux? It's been solid for me and gets the job done, so far.

The new things added

Since the last update I've managed to bring back the Chat, You can view this on the home page. However, the new and really cool thing I've added was a guestbook! So If there's anything you want to say or even show me, You can go to my guestbook, It's located on the homepage aswell. Another thing I've added was the Web Link in the Other Corner, You can visit other sites that I've personally found while surfing and browsing through Neocities or even websites out of Neocities. I hope you will all check em out. I just may do featured sites in the blogs or something idk.

Future Plans!

Aight, So the future Plans. I will be making a section dedicated to art, But I've been thinking on how to implement this. Which is probably good thing that I haven't implemented this section yet. This art section as so far as the plan is that I will have a link dedicated to my Newgrounds art page. However I've also been considering making a list dedicated to each art piece. So it's either gonna be one thing or another that I'm going to have to decide later on. I won't link to anything NSFW in particular and because of Newgrounds new update, People can't see NSFW without having an account that's 18 or over. So even if you tried browsing around, You will not see any NSFW, The only thing you might see is my characters in Bikinis or Underwear but that's about it, But even then, I won't be linking to those pieces of art either.

I am also planning on next year making a Webcomic, Mainly of this one thing I have been thinking of and building years upon years of thinking about how to execute it. Which funny enough was originally an RPG Maker game that I just lacked motivation trying to make.

Lastly, The OC Dex. I want to try and slowly make this come to a reality later. I will slowly adding some of the oldest characters I've ever made, But overtime I will be putting up characters that people familiar of me will recognize. So stay tuned to that.

5k Hits!

I.... Am not paticularly a fan of the number games when it comes to the internet views and all that but I can't help but to say, Thank you everyone for viewing my site! I know that this is the third iteration of my site thus far but I'm so far quite of a fan of the new layout, and so is my friends who have checked out this site. So yeah, With that being said, Thank you! I will see you all in the next update!