[11-1-22] Vtuber, Creative, and moar!

We have quite a bit of things to talk about today, Some things I have seen this morning as well.

I'm streaming... As a VTUBER!

Yes, It's actually true, I'm streaming on Twitch as a Vtuber now. The reason why I want to do this is because I just think it would be fun to do so, and give me more motivation to play games that has been sitting in my backlog of games. so I just thought it would be a good way to stream all these games that I've been wanting to play. It's also a good way for me to fill up a review section of my site here. Which I will try to add reviews into that section in a later time. Hope you all are excited for that


I'll stream Every sunday at 12 PM CST if you're interested.

I'll also make a banner for the front page later

Some Site Updates!

So, Since the last time, we've added a few things. First, I've added About Me into the About Corner of the site. You can learn a bit more about me there if you want. Secondly, I've added my Art in the Art Corner, I'm using Newgrounds as an alternate source so that way it's easy to filter through my work. Also to keep in mind, For the NSFW content on Newgrounds you have to make an account that's also 18 or Over to look at, So Minors can't look at the very Naughty stuff I've made. I've always thought that this site was more for the Mature audience, So I might actually do something more for the index later on that acts like a gate to enter the site and give out a warning that this site is rated Mature. Also on top of this In the Art, There's another side link for Collabs! I currently participated in 1 Art collab thus far but I'm planning on doing more in the future. So look out for them!

RANT: Probably the most rediculous thing I've seen around recently...

I don't really have an issue about Adoptables, Hell I've even purchased one a long time ago that I've been meaning to draw and come up stuff for. But recently I stumbled upon an artist who does Adoptables. Now I won't say who, and I don't intend to start drama or anything. But I can't help myself to talk about how ridiculous this was! Now, I don't know how many of you have played Final Fantasy XIV or heard of it (I'm pretty sure everyone has at this point) but basically in that game you can create your character to your hearts content. You can even redesign the character if you want to. However, This person was trying to sell an adoptable based on the customizable character!

Now don't get me wrong, The art is deffo good and all and the artist does plenty of good art. But C'mon now! Trying to SELL a character, For 200$?!?! That's actually ridiculous, Scam level even! I know you can go like "Oh but I gave her a personality and everything, She's an original character!". Listen, Besides the artwork, This was completely unoriginal and cheap to do this, It doesn't matter how you gave this character a backstory and personality. You're trying to sell a character that's basically premade that anyone can easily make for a rediculous price! This person has adoptables that are far cheaper, Unique, Original, Stuff that had a lot more effort put into place with these other characters. You can go and make a free trial account to final fantasy XIV and make your character however you want, FOR FREE. Because the whole gimmick with this adoptable is that you will also get instructions on how you can make this same exact character in Final Fantasy. I'm pretty sure a vast majority of the playerbase would prefer to make their own character over buying an adoptable Final Fantasy XIV playable character. It's just, Ridiculous. Look, I'm not hating the artist overall. The artist does a fantastic job with all the other works they have done. I don't think the artist understood how much of a scam this actually is, But either way I think people with a brain will not buy this. If you somehow managed to find the artist, Please don't harass em over this. Anyways, That's it for my rant about what I have stumbled upon today.

That's all I have today. I hope I don't ruin anyones day with that rant, But maybe get a laughter or two from it. Anyways, Seeyah!