[11-13-22] The Decision is made!

I have decided about the vote...

I think at this point... I've decided to end it early since well, It seems like Discord would be the winner. Idk why I made it a month long but Yeah, I will be making the discord and will be posting it at a later time. Probably tommorow or something. Depends on how I end up making it all tonight. But yeah, Thank you all for voting!

More site updates

I've added another Radio station, Nothing much to see here... But I will be talking about the aformentioned Anonicus V4 if I should. So my friend Jon today was actually trying to do more with his site and proceeding to add things, But it seems like the template can only do so much before you really have to get greasy on your hands if you want to manipulate some of the CSS. Which, Whew.... That's actually going to be really fun, But also I don't think it will be too bad to do since there's not much going on in the HTML side of things. Ultimately, V4 will probably won't look as much different from the main site that everyone sees, Just slightly adjusted to best fit my tastes. (The fucking Header and Background was in a seperate location and I just went in and fixed it on my own). Still I have no problem with Sadness' template and something I highly recommend using if you want to get into making your site. There's also many other site templates out there that uses purely HTML so, It's whatever you feel like using.

After almost 4 years...

A person I commissioned named "BigDeadAlive" Finally fucking delivered after almost 4 years of waiting my commission

It was say the least very head against the wall since well, It's been years. Now to mind you I'm very patient but I'm glad to get it now and that I can rest easy knowing a commission I spent 70$ on is finally done. He did offer me if I wanted to do another commission to hit him up. But I don't think I will. I'm pretty sure he's gotten better since this has been September, But damn man. Make sure you make a queue next time! Anyways, This piece is honestly quite nice and I still like it (even if she isn't short as I tend to draw her...).