[11-2-22] NavLink, and regarding the Web Links.

So this time around I kinda wanna go ahead and make this all in one go since I had nothing interesting going on today. So, As everyone have probably seen thus far, We now have NavLink Ads! These ADs aren't intrusive privacy invasive ads that collect data. These Ads are actually to other people's sites. And it's really cool and thought that adding that into the pages would be a neat addition to this site. Also, One of my friends is currently making a website! Well I have two friends, But one of em have been actively working on it today. I will link it later and talk a bit about it once more stuff gets added and that when he feels ready for it to be shown.

Alright, It's time for me to tell you guys about a recent situation I found myself. I tend to use Discord and I was on the Neocities discord sharing stuff about the website with the various changes and updates. I had someone come up to me and ask me if I could put their website on my page, And I said "Sure!" without even looking at the site. When I saw the site, Nothing was in particularly wrong at first, It's just your avarage kinda weird Neocities page filled with this, It looked neat, I tend to be a sucker for these things. And I proceeded to put the link on the Web Links. However, On second examination, I noticed that in the "Art" portal, That the images posted there was weird AI art. I understand that there was controversy with AI "Art" Mainly with the more realistically painted art over kinda vivid weird dreamy ones (Like this person was using). Listen, I don't really have an issue when you're doing it all for fun and want to show off the funny things you want to show but calling it "Art" is kinda cheaty. But I'm just gonna draw the line of things I want to share compared to things I don't want to share. Like, I don't hate this person, Obv someone who was young, We all kinda were silly back then and that one day this will be this persons lookback and go "Oh god did I really do that?". It's fine, No hate. But I think I will want to Vet people a bit more carefully next time and maybe learn to say No next time, Or to just check out their site first before posting it. Anyways, I'm really exhausted, I've been up since 4 AM and I fill like I'm boutta fall down. I will make guidelines later for having your site advertised. Seeyah all!