[11-21-22] Drinking Water

Drinking Water

It's actually been quite a bit since my last blog post, I think this will be a bit more normal but as soon as I start to add just about everything, My blogs will get updated every so often. It's not burnout or anything just been busy since I actually work IRL. Like 12 Hour shifts long for 3-4 days. Which is why this blog tends to get updates on specific days of the week and very rarely days in which I do work. It doesn't take much to take a blog, It takes much to write it. Anyways, I have been drinking a lot more water in the past couple of days. I'm addicted to caffeine and I keep falling back into caffeine everytime someone offers me a Soda or whatever. Not only that But IRL I'm actually kinda chubby, More so just having a beer gut which isn't the worst to have. Though to others there's nothing wrong with that but eh, I still have problems with it even if you try to pass it up as positive. I know the reality, It's actually kinda hard to sleep on my back on some nights. But I know people will try to pass it up with some claim but I don't care. It would just be cool to have muscles and stuff, Doing these workout routines and drinking water actually makes me feel even happier and that people don't realize it. When I eat something unhealthy, It can make me a bit upset actually and doesn't help me when I can have a "Little bit of something" when it most of the time brings back the urges that I just got myself out of. I wish people can respect my wishes at times and let me eat whatever I want to eat instead of trying to push me to eat things at times. I get told sometimes "Well Bodybuilders have cheat days" Like yeah, They managed to get themselves out of that pit while I'm still trying to climb it. I think a Cheat Day for a person like me is unnessasary for me and doing so will result for me relapsing back to being unhealthy. Anyways, I don't want people to feel discouraged reading this and think I'm trying to attack anyone, The only person I jab at here is myself and others who try to push me to eat things that I don't want to.

Dentistry stuff

Oh boy, This one is also gonna be kinda heavy to talk about. Well, Related to the last post, I spent years just eating very unhealthy and drinking very unhealthy. This happened so much that I've also neglected myself. One of the things is my teeth, and they are pretty bad that plenty of my bottoms are not good and some of the tops. They can all be repaired but like 2 teeth will be permanantly out of my head but I should still be fine otherwise. This is also related to me drinking more water is also because most of the drinks I would drink are sugary. So, Next month I will be making a couple of dentist appointments to have a couple of my teeth on the very front repair so I can have a much better smile. I know that these updates are very different and all that but I feel like I needed to put them somewhere for the sake of myself and having a place to put it all out there. But yeah, That's what's pretty much been happening so far. I still need to add more things to the site in which I will try within today and tommorow. So yeah, I will see you all later.

OH YEAH, Thank you all for the 10k+ Visits. It's an honour that a lot of people came around to this site <3