[11-4-22] Discord Poll + Future Website plans

Discord Poll

If you head to the main page, On the bottom you will see a poll whether or not should I make a Discord. I could use it to build a community around the website and even be able to post updates right then and there when I do something or make these posts. I also wanna make it easy for people to just contact me for whatever reason. Of course mainly it will just be a chill place, Like, No politics or talking about stressful topics as I'm pretty sure other discord servers and even social media platforms (That I assume others are actually STILL using around Neocities.). But yeah, So Far it seems like it's winning on the Yes portion. So If you want to decide the fate of chatting, Go Vote Now.

I got Supporter on Neocities!

Yep, That's right, I actually have supporter status now, So that means I have more tools and other things I can play around with ontop of making multiple websites. No worries as I'm able to pay every month if needed, I'm a busy person IRL except for my weekdays off haha.

Anonicus V4 plans

So, This website has been actively developed since early september and even before that created around May. It was originally shitty until I came around Sadness's Layout maker back in early September and went ahead and made my site within a day or two on my weekend. It was fine, But I had some issue with CSS and the original design despite how proud I was. Time later and I've ended up making this version of the site, V3. And honestly? It's quite perfect for what I like. But still, It used Sadness' template. Which there's nothing wrong, Sadness made it for a reason. But, I feel like it's just a good way to jump into making websites, But to keep? It just doesn't feel right with me... I do however want to expand on my skills and get better at making websites, Making sites from scratch, And being able to help make layouts for people or for people to take templates I make and use em. Which is more giving back to the community for all I have learned along the way. On top of this, Everything will just feel Mine, that I built a house with no help whatso ever. Don't get me wrong, I will continue to update this portion of the site and try to make the next version of the site be an easy transition from this current layout. It's all just gonna be more of a slow burner project. I will be making another Neocities page dedicated to this project in the future. But for right now, I'm sitting pretty comfy for where i'm at now. This may take a very long time to do, That's all.

And with that, That's it for the update! Catcha later!