[11-6-22] It's Tumblring Time

Future of Chat

So, I've decided that I'm going to be turning Chat into a comment box instead this time around. It was hardly getting used and I already paid like, 20$ for it for the year or something like that. So Instead, I'm going to turn it into a website comment/chat box that people can use to comment on this website! A simple thing to do. If discord wins, I will be turning the chat site into a Discord link instead. However, With that's looking, As of this post, We have 3 yeses, 3 Noses, and 1 IRC. I don't know what it's going to look like by the end of the month, Everyone has until December 1st to decide my fate on that.

The implementation of Tumblr

"WHAT THE ABSOLUTE FUCK IS THIS SHIT ANONICUS. YOU TEND TO BE THE ONE WHO SAID YOU WERE AGAINST THE MODERN WEB SHIT AND NOW YOUR DECIDING TO MAKE A TUMBLR?". Okay let me explain here, I think Tumblr has grown to be more of a Fine platform. It still gives users absolute freedom over their blogs with HTML and CSS alongside having their very own HTML Syntax to use. Believe it or not, It was actually very simple to bring this site design over onto the Tumblr and I can always add things to it too if I wanted to.

So... What's its use then? Well, It's going to be a place in which I will Answer Questions, Take Submissions, Post Art, etc. Tumblr isn't going to replace the Blog here. However, I will use Tumblr as a way to announce my website updates with a link going to the latest blogpost here on Neocities. So don't worry, Blogs will not going away despite how easy it is to make a blogpost on there. Otherwise I think it will be a bit more of a mess imo. Anyways, if you're ever curious of me and want to ask questions about me or my characters and all that, Feel free to do so there. I will try to check it every once in a while if I get anything new. That's the update, Until next time!