[11-8-22] Radio, And future Art update

Radio Page

In today's update, I have added a Radio page! I noticed around on other places that sometimes they will host radio places for people to listen to music. Really? I like em a lot. So much that I've started to make a list of really cool radio sections as it's own seperate section on my Other tab. Keep in mind, I used to be an Active Newgrounds Radio listener. But as the time goes on, I'll try to update more places to listen to online music in a radio format.

Older Blogposts porting

After some time now, I finally built courage to go back and bring all of my blogposts to the new site. Maybe a bit wonky considering that they do talk about some of the updates of the old site layout (V2). But still, They're gonna be there in case if you're curious of my life heh.

Upcoming Art layout

For a bit of a treat for everyone

The short lived Art section will get a new revamp to have Thumbnails for every piece of art! The ones rated Adult, Will be completely blocked out and will force you to go to one of the sites provided that you must prove that you are an adult. But even then, I'm thinking about keeping all my Adult rated work behind Newgrounds and just post my art that's Safe enough. I don't know, I will go to decide it later, But basically it will be a big Red box or black box that says "NSFW" if i decide to go with it. But otherwise, This is an example of what it's most likely gonna look like in the future for all of you. I will go into more details later as I'm starting to get really tired now typing this out. Anyways, Seeyah.