[11-9-22] The art update is here!

The change to the Art section

Hello everyone! I finally went out of my way and changed the Art section to be at my desired appeal. If you noticed, The art section now kinda remanence of the Newgrounds Art section, Which was completely intentional. However I should note that I decided to make my NSFW more dedicated to Newgrounds rather than making pages for it as I felt would have been kinda of a waste of time, And let me explain. My original idea was to have a big NSFW thing that leads into the page (Which will require you to have an +18 account). I decided this was too much and really I don't want to go through and try to censor every image either. It was already a pain getting the Thumbnail. So, The worst you can see will be M rated instead, Which won't show any genetalia but things would look very skimpy at worse. But eh, Will I get to the level of skimpy that others seem to go crazy for? Probably not. But I promise that I won't try to make all my art mature and all that, I kinda wanna dwelve more into the SFW side of things personally.

Future plans.

I kinda wanna discuss what I want to do for later. I still have various things I need to make.

So that's currently plans on my mind, There would be many more things but that's determined if I have the willpower to do other things aswell. So yeah, Seeyah around!