[12-16-22] Approaching the end of 2022!

Hello everyone! I told ya blogs are gonna be slow but I do wanna try to talk about things since I haven't really been updating much and want to get more into talking just about every week (Which I think I have been doing lately...) about personal life and other things.

Phantasy Star Burnout...

Yeah... I kinda deserve it considering how much time I've spent playing it constantly, Skipping out doing other things and I'm quickly burnt out until the event mission comes around for christmas. Mainly the reason why Is that I'm at a very grindy spot in the game in which I need to keep playing the same mission and maybe get a level every 2 missions and stuff. It kinda sucks but whatevs, I'll come back around to Universe. And as for PSO, I still need to come around and play more of that so it's an option!

Portal with RTX

My musician friend who I don't think I can say the name of has recently played Portal with RTX and I decided to download it while I was away from work. And I gotta say... It feels pointless. The RTX isn't really in my vision and with some of the lighting and everything... I think I'd rather just play the original portal hah. Speaking of, I recently beat it on my own like 2 months ago when I was planning to add the Review category for Gaming, But maybe I can slide it into there so It can give me a reason to update more. Most of the time it's just that I need more motivation to add things. And well, I think I'm slowly getting back to wanting to add more to the site.

2022, One of the best years I've personally delt with.

2022, Started out kinda bad for me but It's actually been one banger of a year. Mainly due to me getting more into self improvement stuff, and hopefully next year I can overcome the other kinds of problems I have been facing all my time. Mainly me dropping healthy things in favor of comfortness. I want to get better, I want to drink less caffeine, and I can do these things I just need to put effort to it. Anyways, This year I have actually went into it mostly social medialess, I have actually improved my own behavior as the time come around and I feel like I've become quite more mature about myself compared to the beginning of the year. For the most part, It's been a pleasant experience to be able to enjoy myself. Though, Next year, It's gonna be better and I will make things better even if I'm disatisfied with having to do certain things, I wanna get on that grind. Though, I have to be careful with the potential hazards in life. Which is why I gotta watch my steps more carefully than ever. Anyways, That's all I have for today. I hope you all have a good time here on out. Seeyah.