END OF 2022

That's right, With tonight being the last day of 2022, I want to go ahead to make this blogpost.

I just want to say that I hope everyone here had a great Christmas and hopefully had a decent year. As you can tell I haven't been updating as much and mainly due to the fact that I kinda focus on other things, mainly things I get addicted to, Aka video games with some grind to it. As you all may remember earlier that I've been playing a ton of Phantasy Star Universe. there really wasn't much going on for this month as I felt like that it was all nothing more but just me taking time to enjoy myself. Don't get me wrong, I also enjoy making this site but sometimes I feel like I have to get into the mood to add things that I want to add to here. Well, Hopefully soon that this will no longer be much of an Issue, I just need to add a couple of more things and I'll be set. Of course, this is into 2023 we're talking about. And man, Does it sounds kinda... Normal to me at this point. Funny thing is when i was a kid/Teen, it took til 2012 to feel normal in the 2010's.

How did I feel for 2022?

For me myself, I want to say that this year was actually a great year for me. It's the year in which I started to really get out of my way and enjoy doing things for once rather being part of the Social Media echo chamber. From late last year to now, I felt like I have change greatly. More mature, Much better natured, I tend to really wanna go out there and do things. Anyways, We shall talk about some other things.

I really wished that I would have done a lot more art within the past few months, Mainly because I was getting really good at what I was doing and getting down pat. But then I just... Stopped doing art for that one week and it all fell like it was coming to a pause. Again, I need to really push myself to do more this year in which I will do. Why? My culprit has been Caffeine, and drinking WAY too much caffeine. I have been a soda drinker since I was a kid and there was a couple of times I have actually gotten off of Caffeine. But temptations is what brought me back. It's hell, and well, today I haven't drunk anything coffee related. Infact I haven't drunk anything coffee related since early yesterday. Anyways, If any regret is just not doing enough. Otherwise, I think just enjoying myself alone has made this year good.

But for 2023? I'm going to purposely walk through hell, Take the place and making it my purgutory/Heaven. With all the improvements I've made within the past year of being more hygenic and all that, It's time I go even further and take much better of myself and proceed to be more active doing things.



Save 10k - Look, having a good lump of money saved back just in case anything happens is nice, and with the more recent pay raise I got I feel like this might be much easier to achieve. It's just something really important

Work out and exercise - Starting Janurary first, I will be drinking more Water and doing exercises, Atleast once but doing it twice. I will keep the place updated with progress on each blogpost.

Weekly blog posts - Again with what I said, I will try to make a weekly blogpost like I have promised before. Blogs was going to be a thing more related to site but I guess it's fine talking about myself. Beware as the titles may not be original heh.

DO! MORE! ART! - I really need to do a lot more art as I've been slacking. However I will like to add to this and say that I learned about a VR Program called "Vermillion" And I may actually be doing it a lot more with it since I like how it feels to paint.

Make a VR Chat world - Related to above. Vermillion having a 3d model export is actually very inspiring. So I thought, Why not make one? I've been playing alot of VR as of late buuuut...

Play more VR - Seriously, I need to play more. A bunch of my friends is suggesting various games for the VR platform. Plus it will add to the exercise aspect too!

Final Message

That's all I have to say, I just still want to say thank you all for visiting this page, I honestly loved going out and making my own page, It's just been a really fun experience and I hope next year I'll finally complete the site or atleast the site with all the sections I want. I hope this next year will be even better for me, With pride and accomplishments. I'll try to be around even more even after my posts. I also want to have a special Shoutout to Gummyjon and Miela583 for being genuinely really cool people to see around and talk to. I also want to thank many other people that have came across and those I've put in my links. I hope everyone have a happy new year and here's hoping for an even better year for everything.