[12-7-22] Phantasy Star Universe my beloved

As soon as I would say anything... Of course I'm getting back to having a blog kick again! But I figure... Maybe I should do things a bit differently and maybe talk more about, WHAT i've been playing rather than having it be just a site update thing. Anyways, I've actually been playing some Phantasy Star Universe. I can already hear you "But, Phantasy Star Universe has shut down! How are you playing this game???" and well, It's all thanks to the Private Server called "Clementine". This service has been around for so long at this point, and sega hasn't tried to take it down or anything, Which means things should be fine to play it.

Anyways, I've personally never played this game growing up, but only in my adult years that I have actually gotten into this game and the series. And honestly, I actually love Universe, It's one of my favorites to play. I mean, Costs 0$ and costs 0$ per month to play it. So when I don't have a FF sub or anything like that, I just play somethign more accessable at the time. But honestly, Even though I do have a sub to runescape currently and is able to pay for more subs, Phantasy Star Universe in general is fun! I haven't played in so long but honestly I'm just getting back into it hooked once more. Playing with friends honestly helps me alot more through this game as it can be an ass kicker if you don't know where you're going or what you're doing. If you haven't played it before, Go try it out! It's at https://psu-clementine.net/community/ (not sponsored, Just wanting to spread the love)

A picture of my character, You can meet me in game as "Anonicus"