[9-10-22] The start of it all!

The First Entry

After hours of painstakingly making all the links for future events and the template and Ideas, I have finally been able to sit down right here and make my first ever Blog post! This is kinda weird but I really like what I'm doing here. Sitting here infront of a text editor making a post that people will stumble across, It feels Liberating and not something in which I'm forced to be in limitations. Needless to say, I'm actually pretty happy right now. Anyways, There's still things that needs to be worked on, Even down to the point where everyone here doesn't even know who "Anonicus" is exactly, And even then I might be more vague about myself. Anyways, I think for now all I can say is that I want to be like an MSpaint styled artist with other various interests. I want to talk about all kinds of things and most importantly, BEING ORGANIZED about it too. So people don't have to continuously scroll through a feed to try and find something I once posted about. I may keep this blogpost short as I'm starting to feel very mentally tired after a long day today of working and all that.

Some more information

I will be keeping site updates on all of my blogposts unless there wasn't a site update. You will see me posting the exact links to where I posted the latest updates. Alternatively, You can click any of the left sided links to open up a huge archive of all the links. At one point I was considering making a back button but I felt like that would be pointless considering you can litterally click the back button on browsers OR click the link again on the left side, But for my sakes I won't add that. These updates will be organized where the top link is the latest update or Latest thing I've made and the bottom will be the oldest, Kinda reminds me back in the days of Homestuck for how that works, Except things are slightly different. (sorry for reminding people about Homestuck). Alternatively, People will be needing to use Ctrl+F to try and find what they are looking for when it comes to older posts, Or well, Scroll.

Final thoughts

Well with everything settled, I'm pretty excited to go out of my way to update this site and making posts like this! I hope everyone will find this site a really cool site and may even inspire people to make their own! Express yourselves, HTML is actually quite easy to work with especially when it comes to blogging like this. Anyways, I will see you all next time, Later!