[9-11-22] Some more stuff I've done since yesterday

We hit 2k views!

Hello everyone! So ever since I was recently picking up this site again and started to work on it, I was originally at around 800 Views. But after many times updating and testing to see if things were fitting, I've managed to reach 2k views! Thanks everyone for checking it out, I know that views really don't matter and stuff but it's still cool that my site was browser on 2,000 times already! Again, Thanks so much.

Some Old Web Thoughts

While updating and going out into the city today, I've been kinda thinking of the contrasts between the Old and the New and why things are the way they are. Honestly, Doing all this right here is a bit complex yet it's honestly quite simple and having the layout that I want it to be is quite satisfying. But I can't help but to think that maybe the simplicity of what other sites ended up offering is what made this whole place explode in growth but not only that but the accessibility of the internet made it even easier to hop online. Our lives revolve around the internet now, But I think I will save a lot of my breath for the time til I make my post about the Old Web and the New Web.

Site Updates

So with my blogposts will also contain the Site updates. Which makes coming here and reading the new posts important if you want to know what was added.

Anyways that's about it. I will try to work on Art and stuff in the future. But that's all for now, I hope you all have a good day and I will see you all another day. Later!