[9-12-22] Can't get back into Gachas

No more Gacha Hell

Welcome everyone back to another Blog Post by yours truly. So the past few days, I've been trying to get a knack for Gacha games, Like the mobile games. And well, I just seem to not be able to do so anymore. I've tried various new games and I just don't see the fun in them anymore. I remember years ago getting into a game called "Kingdom Hearts Union Cross" and spents Hundreds of dollars on that game and got so addictive to me. But hell playing these games now I just don't really see the point of playing them (except if you're a pvper kind of person). There's really no goal in the end but to be as powerful as possible with a bunch of ads and microtransaction offers being blasted in your face. But no hate to those who really enjoys these kinds of game, Just how I personally feel.

A brand new 88x32!

That's right, Today I actually got myself an 88x32 image for the site! I'm planning on making even more but, You can find them at the homepage of the website! Feel free to plaster them onto your side. It should be fairly easy to do so tbh especially if you know how to add Image links. (If you don't you can look on the source code of this website and see the Right Side Bar segment and you can see how! But I just don't know how to do those code block things yet LMAO

Anyways, That's all I got today. I hope everyone has a good day today and I'll see you all later. But before I go, I will say that I think this will be the last post for a little bit, Just a little, I won't be doing this on the daily like I have been doing since I started this. Anyhoo, See you around!

EDIT: I also just sat up a chatroom in which people can join in and Chat. I will be working on trying to make it a bit better as time goes on but yeah.