[9-14-22]Not even Algorithms can keep me interested

It's time for another Newspost by yours truly! The great, Cool, Awesome, Tubular ANONICUS! *Crowds Plausing*

Not even Youtube's Algorithms can keep me Interested...

Welp It's official, Youtube isn't that interesting to me anymore, And It's been like this forever now. What I use it for mostly is actually music related but otherwise It's just not cutting it for me anymore. Often times, On a daily basis I have Youtubers uploading videos to the platform. But get this right? Most of the time It's things I'm not even interested to watch, No offence to youtubers I like to watch. Though people who barely upload typically has a good video being uploaded that will be kinda fun to see. But otherwise, Not even channel Recommendations can save me... Nothing looks good... Nothing seems good... And the only content I'm truly interested in looking up is stuff I want to watch and even then it takes me forever to find a good video! So... This made me resort to just go out of my way and watch Anime now. Yep, for the first time in my history of the past FIFTEEN YEARS, I may not be using youtube as often now other than to listen to music. Oh well.

Some Site Updates

Yep there's some new updates and I'm taking advantage of some of the other places now!