[9-19-22] Art, Characters, And Shenanigans!!!

It's been a couple of days! Let's see what's new!

New Drawing Tablet!

So one of the few things I got recently is a brand spankin' new Drawing Tablet! I originally had a tablet a while back but I gave it away and thinking I wouldn't need it. And what do you know? It appears that creativity has struck me back and now I'm willing to do art the non-pixelated ways of the Mspaint style! Surely I will go back to use the actual MSPaint style one day... Oh yeah! This tablet is quite expensive, More expensive then my last tablet, And it's very big too! It's 22 inches and It's basically my new monitor (I needed a new monitor due to lines going down the screen...). If you're curious, It's an XP-PEN Artist 22 (2nd Generation), And it was a whopping 400$! But hell, Honestly with it's size I was able to do art much better so I guess it's worth it in the end.

Art and Characters

Speaking of Tablet, I've been drawing (kinda obvious that I am doing art) My characters. Not just the more recent favorable characters, But I'm litterally drawing every original character I've ever created! Funny thing is, I litterally had about 3 before I stuck around with my Main Main characters I draw and focus on. So some of the old ones doesn't really have lore or anything since they were nothing but Personas online anyways. Expect later in the future of characters pages dedicated to all of my current characters (I'm going to need to since I kept forgetting some characters I've made haha).

Music and Game Development?

More likely than you think!... If I have the motivation. Time is short, and I only got so much time to take time off from work to do anything! But I think on the side I will be taking some time to make games, What kind? Idk, Platformers and RPGs probably? Maybe something else? It will probably revolve around character lore or just an entirely new characters! But uh I got a confession, It keeps me demotivated to work on games due to all the times in the past people have put me down on game engines or how I develop said games. But I think being away from it after years and years of trying to make games to no avail has refreshed that mindset! I don't even use social medias at all so that shouldn't be an issue.

Future Site changes

I know it's been a week but I'm already considering doing a complete overhaul, I mean this place is still great! Just one problem and it's that the Font is kinda hard for people to read on here, Which this is something I can change, But one problem (On my end). If I were to change the font, I would have to use another font by Caveras and there's only a couple of fonts I can use actualy. But no worries! There's some contestants. It's just that in the code you may see the font be labeled as "Megaten20XX" even though it's not actually the Megaten font. Which means with all this effort to this site and for how I structured it. I've decided that in a later future, I will be making a V2 of this website. One in which I'm less ignorant about CSS and actually know how to import the CSS and have the CSS as it's seperate file on the server. That way, I can actually add links without having to go through every page and replacing it (Which I have learned the hard way when I was creating this site, It took forever).

Twitter Deleted

For the however many time and stuff, I've decided to delete the twitter. Why? I just don't like the functionality of Twitter, And the people too. It's kinda like Half and Half with me and I can't really stand just looking at it even when I catered my feeds. Egh, Fuck that honestly, This is way cooler.

Anyways, That's it for now! I will be around no worries, I know last week I posted daily but that's more of me getting warmed up to doing this. I'll post atleast once a week, But there could be more posts per week, Depends on how I'm feeling. Seeyah!