[1-17-23] Art progression and More!

Hello you beautiful people, It's time for another blogpost!(A bit late but better to do it now than never)

Art Progression

This past week has been a heavy focus on doing art, Mainly either my Mouse art or Tablet art. And well, Needless to say, I have been feeling... Not Proud of my artwork. It's been a good moment since I last drawn, I did draw something I liked but I can't really post it as it was related to a project, and another is just some new character I made up while during an Aggie with PinkoPlusKoi. However the proportions was wonky and it really shown that it's been a while since I last drawn. It feels like I'm rushing but I feel like I can get more back into it. Anyways, It's probably gonna be a while before I post art that I'm proud and art that I can post here.

I ordered a book

Related to my previous post, I have actually ordered myself a art book. Sure I can probably read it for free online somewhere but I really enjoy having physical books more, Especially hard cover which is what I got recently. The book is called "Drawing on the right side of the brain" by Betty Edwards. Apparently this book was one of the few recommended books by the /ic/ board on 4chan. Again, I don't know if I have said it before. I know people can be terrible on there, But then you have some people who really knows their shit that tends to be mostly approved, And even reading around elsewhere people claimed that the book changed their life on how they do art.


Can you believe it? I am becoming le soyboy xD. But for real, I recently bought a package of Soylent that I'm supposed to get in the mail today. Various flavors too. Now, Why the hell am I getting Soylent for? And the answer is simple, I tend to be a picky eater and I don't eat nearly as much, Which means I don't get the suplements on the daily for what I need to have a healthy day. I feel like this could help me in both my workout goals and me becoming more fit. Whenever I do eat, I eat waaaay too much for what I actually need. Hell, Today I ate 4 chicken tenders, 2 Biscuits, and a cup of their wings. That's so much. But with Soylent it should actually provide me a healthy amount of things for me for Morning, Evening, Night. I will keep updating you all on how I feel about it, I've had soylent before and it's actually good. But others may make fun of me for it lmao.

Finally some very exciting stuff

So I have talked about this before, But just today I have found the answer I was looking for when I wanna get around to doing my reviews. I have found a script online to sort my list alphabetically. So this will be something that I will most likely work on today and through next week. The ideas and stuff going through. I may even make another blog post announcing the pages. So be sure to look forward to that!

That's all I have today, I will see you all next time! L8r Sk8r