[1-23-23] Review updates!

Hello you beautiful people, Welcome to a new blog update!

New Review pages!

Yes! That is correct! We have brand new spaking Review Pages! And I'm really excited to actually go through and start making reviews for these 2 different pages. I may make more if I'm really motivated to go through and review every other thing. On these pages, They have a button that will sort through all the pages in Alphabetical order, But on default loading, The first review is my latest one. Currently, I'm watching through and planning on doing a review on BOCCHI THE ROCK! I'm still in progress of watching through but I'm making significant progress.

Soylent Taste Test

So after I started to take soylent, I've noticed that my body have been feeling a bit... Different, I tried to go through with the whole Drinking nothing but soy and trust me, It actually works. But holy fuck when I start to go hungry, I start to shake... A lot. Like absolutely starving feeling. However, Whenever I do drink it, I actually end up feeling really good and really full surprisingly. So, Here's my review for every flavor I have tried.

Vanilla: 9/10 probably one of the best flavors, It tastes like eating Coffee Creamer, Not a bad thing at all.

Chocolate: 7/10 tastes fine, probably not the best Chocolate I've ever tasted...

Mint Chocolate: 8/10 this ones actually pretty good, I much prefer this over Chocolate

Banana: 7/10, It's the typical Banana flavor it's alright.

Strawberry: 8/10, Hey, This ones aight, It's your typical Strawberry flavor

Coffee Mocha: 6/10 perhaps my least favorite of the bunch I got, the crashes I got didn't help me like this as much

It's an Aight experience, Something I'm considering getting more of as it makes my meals cheap but damn, I need to also be careful and try to not get the shakes

Potential new stuff

So since we got reviews out of the way, I've been thinking of more ideas to add. Something that can make my website all come together. I've considered to have on the home page to change up some stuff. Firstly, I'm planning on having the 10 last articles I have made. Meaning that it will be a mixture of Blog updates and reviews I have made. Not only that, But I've also been considering making an "Articles" page, and this page is gonna be like it's own thing where I will make entire pages dedicated to talking about stuff, Whether this is opinions or Theories and etc. It's to add something else.

...And for the future

So far, 2023 have started out quite promising, Sure there's times where I'm having my down days and worrying about some others related to health, But overall I have been practicing and working on things, I've been able to Enjoy doing things even more now. I know I haven't posted art, But it's actually art I can't post as it's related to something more private. What would it be? Maybe it's related to someone else that I'm working with so no peeking. I'll try to actually make more art regarding my own personal stuff and post em. but also, I think I should talk about something...

So recently, I've been thinking that I should move my site onto another place to host. Having my own domain and everything. However, with the much progress I have made on Neocities and pages I've made, I feel like this will be a hassle to do! Not only that, But I've been meaning to make Anonicus V4. So it's gonna be a wild one to work with. So whenever the time comes, I will be making the neocities page still be like a splash screen alongside gonna have that article system I was talking about earlier. So when will I do this? Uh... I don't know, this is all concept but who knows. I'm fine on Neocities and that this idea will happen many years down the line probably, Maybe even to the point where the site is being hosted on my own servers probably. Sounds like a bit of a hassle but whatevs.

Anyways, this has been a lot of typing and a lot of words for this entire post. I hope everyone have been having a really good year so far and I'll see you all next time, L8r G8r!