[1-25-23] A worrying situation for my work

So I just want to make like an regular post, There's no updates or anything with my work but I'm extremely worried about my situation with work. So I tend to work off of a system where I can have only up to 5 points and at 6 points I will get terminated. Well, Today I reached 5 points. Which means that if I get one more day off, I'm fired. It's honestly a really scary situation right now for me, I know that I will be able to go to work tommorow but at the same time, It's scary to think that If I had one more day in which I wake up too late and that the roads is covered in snow, I will be losing my job. On the bright side, Taxes are soon and that I already got some money saved back in case if things goes south. My biggest worry is coming in and apparently already reaching 6 points, Which would be devastating for me, Especially considering I'm close to actually paying off my car next month. And I just hope all of this isn't a sign that I will be losing my job. I litterally was in a trance of anxiety this morning, Just pacing across my desk and trying to feel distractions from this. Mainly what had Happened was that the road that I take to work was closed and the other way around would have took much longer to go to, And that I couldn't because It was already quite at a later time than usual. And waking up to snow was just a really bad coincidense. It isn't the end of the world if it snows again on the work day, I would just need to wake up much earlier and be up to date with my local weather. To tell you the truth, This month hasn't been well, But it's not the worst month I've had. I know that if anything happens, Life will go on. Anyways fellas, That's all I have to say, I will update more on my situation later but for now just know I have work tommorow and I'll be able to work. Seeyah.