[1-8-23] The start of several things

Happy new years everyone! Or well, It's been about a week sense. As promised, New blog posts for every week now!and Already I got some things to share

Art Related

I've been kinda going at this for a bit tbh, Not much but Vermillion is quite the different beast. It also doesn't help that since I work half of the week, My day usually back I don't really get up much from my chair so like I take sundays as purely my day off from like, Everything. Unless I'm interested into doing so. However, There will be Art made and I will try to work on it even more.


Oh god the withdrawls makes me feel so violent, Like I could rip someone in two it feels like. However, It's been getting better as I've been winging off of Caffeine entirely. I have been drinking mostly waters, I don't know if Chocolate milk has caffeine but I've been drinking that too to combat urges. And well, If any soda, Sprite cause that has no caffeine in it, But for the most part I've been mainly on water and Gatoraid. But It seems like I'm getting through it well now.

VR Chat world!

As I stated on my last blogpost, This was actually the first thing I was making this year. And needless to say... It's actually made! Well, It's not FINISHED but for the most part I got it for what I want, I still just need to add a few more things before it's complete. Though, I think I will be finding myself making more worlds in the future as I don't think I'm completely satisfied. But otherwise! Technically scratched off the list now.

And finally for my biggest announcement

I am finally working on my RPG maker project, Infact, the ideas and everything and even the setting has been overhauled! For context, This idea, This project I've been working on rarely has been on the back on my mind for many years, Since I was 17 years old actually. However, I feel as now that I have taken a good hiatus away from it, I think it's time to make a complete refresh for what I think is actually cool and all that. This game will be somewhat different, And the theme is where the Darkness is actually in the good while Light is in the bad kind of deal. I've been heavily inspired more by some of the games that's came out in the past couple of years. So, I will show more when I get a good bit of it done. It's barely scratching the surface in terms of graphics but. This will just be another project I'll be working on. However, Don't get me wrong, I feel like this site will end up being my lifelong project on it's own, Even if it's completed. I just hope that when I'm gone from this world, That everything I ever said to be preserved, only have a niche future community to look around and see some random Anonicus person and basing an aesthetic around it lmao. Then like, There would be this "Anonicuscore" or whatever they will say in the future and they will just base their personality around this. I think that would be funny. Anyways, Trying to be funny sorry lol, That's all I have for today, And I hope you all stay strong out there.

CLARIFY: I am not dying or anything like that or wanting to die, I'm talking like Hundred year or so later kind of deal,