[10-25-23] I left a Project, And creating my own

After 4 years of being part of a project

As of this past Sunday, I have left a project of a Youtuber that I have been around for 4 years and someone I still consider my Friend. Made many memories during the project and honest to god loved the characters that was part of it. So much so that I think I was mostly a fan of the characters. About 4 years ago back in 2019, A Musician that I really admired actually asked for Roles for someone to voice his characters during a monthly update videos that included his characters. My Girlfriend who is my Fiance also got into the project and we were the only 2 voice actors. We thought that this was all just to Voice Act the characters, But what we found out as soon as we joined is that it's all a project for a Story. How it would have been handled is that He would make albums with pieces of the story written down for various moments, Meanwhile we voice acted the video aspect relative to what was happening. However, During our first year it was... Rocky. We did do lines and have had lines planned for videos that were ended up scrapped. Something that still stings is the fact that he still ended up going out of his way to voice his characters without really telling us that he was doing another one of those videos. Ironically enough, This actually ended up being the last video that he will ever do and what we wouldn't know til 3 years later (Aka end of August) is that portion of the project is cancelled. So overtime it has been nothing more but adding to the story, But he would only put out these notes and details only every so often. I get that sometimes making changes is something that people have done for the project, But an issue is going out of his way to make things more and more complicated for the world and story and really ended up Scope Creeping the world. When the actual story itself takes place in a small piece of the world, His focus shifted more towards the world in general and basically put it on the same level as the main story in which He could have been telling parts of the story while world building around the story. Already, he did put some things about the world itself out there but like, Again not even important to the main story that you're trying to tell. But here's the cherry on top, His whole idea of making it part of the video series was cut out because he was mad at himself for not really doing them in so long, So Instead? Game Development! Yes, I am not fucking kidding you, Game Development, The thing that will take fucking ages to do by yourself (He's the one who's doing it all by himself btw! He brought someone else but they too were very new to it as well). This was the cherry on top and something that ended up making me leave the project within a couple of days later. You may think "Well maybe that won't be too bad I mean he isn't doing it all from scratch right?", and boy do I have news... He's doing it all in Godot from scratch, Some of the things are possible to do that will take a lot of time like making some small side games for sure. But for the main Project? A RPG game similar to Persona, Yeah, Can you see after 4 years of waiting why I just said "Holy shit, We're not going anywhere at this rate! I already wasted 4 years here thinking about this project! I am going insane!". Then I made the decision to leave the team with a heartfelt message. It honestly all felt like a Breakup from a relationship for the past few days. But I was done, And I want my friend to know that, I wished you stuck with the original plan or even made it into a Visual Novel as I suggested to him when he was talking about getting into all this in which he shrugged it off because "All it will be is pressing a button and have voice acting, It wouldn't be any different than the videos". It seriously pissed me off because, Yeah? And we could get shit out there to tell the fucking story instead of us twiddling our fingers everyone on the team would be working rather than us just sitting there with your ideas of what you yourself is gonna do? The disrespect towards VN's man, I used to Disrespect them but honestly I enjoy them quite a bit. Anyways, I love my friends that I made including the leader of it, I loved the characters so much that I drew a bunch of art which is why my art gallery has been so low on art at this point LOL. But I just wished that he had a clear path through this.

So what about me?

Since I'm gone from the Team, this means that I will be having a heavy focus on my project. Ultimately, Game Development I've come to a conclusion is that it's not something I can really do honestly. But I do like drawing even if I'm not the best at it right now or anything but I've been improving a lot more as of late. This project will be in the form of a Webcomic and I may even be taking my original character who was going to be part of the old project and using it in this. Thus, I have began planning. For those who wondered about that new character I posted, That's Lumia! She's actually a character I made related to this project. However, the other characters (Except for the fanart characters), Will also be part of the Webcomic too! With the Lessons learned from this project I was in, I'm going out of my way to use the lessons learned of the Do's and Don't and applying into my comic. Of course this whole thing is almost a week old at this point and I'm already starting to get a lot of things figured out (And well Know how it begins and ends...). I just need to make more concepts on my own time but I will be posting art related to the project itself that won't be based on spoilers or anything but just characters doing character things. I do hope you all will enjoy what I'm cooking up later. (Also for those who have read homestuck, The formate is gonna be similar but treated quite differently, But all one panel for the sake of my sanity and skill)

Anyways, Here's to a new future and a new project. I will also may do some site additions later that may seem a bit more to do when I post something and all that. Anyways, Take care now!