[10-3-23] Godot my beloved

The title said it

From a month ago to now (Actually it was 2 weeks ago but bleh), Nothing interesting has happened but just one. I got into Godot Engine! Typically I had worked on stuff with RPG Maker but because there was a bundle you can get on Humble Bundle that can teach you Godot, I decided to grab it and start using it. Well the results? Holy shit, It's great. 25$ bundle that can teach me many things about Godot, Though I have been slacking on it since Counter Strike 2 recently go release, Which I have my own opinions about... I may make a review already since well, Hey it's a game I played. Anyways, I still have a lot of the knowledge of the engine still stuck in my head and I'm pretty excited to work on something already, I've been having all kinds of ideas in my head on what to do. Anyways, This update will be short since I have absolutely nothing else to really share other than waiting on the time to leave this damn house. So yeah, See you all later and take care!

Counter Strike Source Server is being made

I forgot to mention is that I'm currently trying to setup a Counter Strike Source server! It's gonna be a minigame server for people to hop in and play. However I'm having troubles trying to make it to where it allows people to download files to their client via just joining in, I do have a solution to make it a bit more exclusive place for people to hop in and play. So keep an eye out for that!

Okay I think that's actually it this time, Sorry for the update after posting lol. Anyways, you all take care now