[11-19-23] A Unlucky week

What a week it has been for me, Mainly for the fact that this week has been a very unlucky week for me as for the past 5 days I have had various incidences or stuff happening healthwise (Nothing serious though!) this past week and even as of writing this having something happened about an hour ago.

So starting back Wednesday, I was accused of being late from one of my breaks despite the fact that I usually set a timer on and have been doing it for over a year now and not once have I had anyone complain to me about this. Even yesterday this has happened as well, which at this point I could not care. Anyways Thursday I have finally slammed my hammer down and blocked someone who actually said something that was very misinformative on the Navlink ads all because I left a server, I've been meaning to actually take care of the rest and remove the rest of the stuff related to this person silently. Friday was a meeting that I forgot was even happening, This actually counts against me as a half of a point for not going to one, which was a bummer. Also my Fiance's mom actually opened one of my packages and didn't realize it was mine, Nothing was damaged or anything but very irratating that it had happened. Amazon still charged me for my Prime despite getting it as a Free trial. Saturday I woke up to my ankles hurting to oblivion and that I could barely stand, Well, I had a whole 12 hour shift ahead and I could not skip a day. So for the entire day I strained my ankles even further to the point in which when I finally left and got to my car I was screaming in pain for how bad it felt. Today, My ankles was so bad that I could not even walk around much at all and had to use Doordash to actually get something to eat. But as later on my ankles although still hurt felt much better and I can move around, I decided to go out and get my Fiance a drink and myself something. Well, When I was slowly getting to the stop sign this car was actually aiming towards me and I just got into the ditch in which I felt my car slightly touched his. I was absolutely pissed when it happened but when I checked to see if there was any damages, I could not even see any scratches or that there wasn't even any dents into my car. So basically I told him to get out of here and stay safe. Not only that but this morning I also learned that a person I knew tried to overdose on Sleeping pills last night and was rushed to the ER, Luckily he actually managed to not overdose on them and is still fine as of now, But I hope he gets the help that he needs because I'm worried about him.

Anyways, There maybe more to all of this amongst the worrying. If anything that's actually good this week was the fact that one of my friend ended up learning that his spleen is normal again and only have to deal with back pain and that my fiance has been able to eat more and even drunk some pepsi. I hope that tommorow ends up being a good day and not another bad day because I have no fucking clue what had happened or how it even happened that I got all of this bad luck all in one week. Anyways, I hope everyone else is doing well, Catch you next time.