[2-1-23] Worrying about AI

Hey everyone, Here's another blogpost.

Job Update

To keep it short, I've managed to work through all week last week. Still my mind wants to worry me more and try to be like "Oh but tommorow they will say it, They only made you work last week so they made sure you will have enough money by the time you get fired" But I know to ignore these thoughts. This is something I've been dealing with alot when it comes to myself. Otherwise, I'm still working, I just gotta cross my fingers and hope that within the next month that I won't have to deal with another snow day.

I beat Endwalker!

Ah with all this time, I finally gotten around and beaten Endwalker, The latest Final Fantasy XIV expansion that's been since June when I first got into it. The Burnout is REAL, But I'm back and finally ready to take on many more things this game has for me. Also, as a quick review, This expansion was amazing, However I actually prefer Shadowbringers the most thus far. I'm so far on the patches and getting through them, infact I'm working on Patch 6.2 as of typing this.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Okay, On the main course talking about AI and all that. I'm actually officially worried about even putting my Voice out there when it comes to AI. Luckily it's not advanced enough to replicate my Vocal patterns well. What got me to talk about this was mainly due to a new AI Toy that people have been using that took real voices and managed to make them sound JUST like the real person or character. Down the the Audio quality even. It's nearly perfect, I've put my friend GummyJon and my voice into this application and was taking various Copypastas and using them. The results I got was really fucking shocking as with jon, It sounded just like him 1:1. The only times that you can tell it's computer generated is if you use "Hehehehehe" or anything like that as it would make the voice sound like a bit of realistic and robotic. Otherwise, The internet had just gotten a very dangerous tools that can easily be used against people. And for that, I don't think I will put my voice out there. I wish that it would never have to come down to this, But it's something that's becoming more of a Necessity.

Anyways, Sorry if this post has come down to being a nothing burger of a post. I am like, Feeling so weird rn. I think Imma lay down now. Seeyah next time.