[2-26-23] As if 2023 couldn't get any worse for me

Hey everyone, Sorry for the lack of updates as I've been busy dealing with things. It's actually pretty serious for what have we found out and everything and why I have been really busy. So, For the past 6 months at this point, My Girlfriend have been dealing with issues swallowing down food in her Esophagus. Finally around mid/late Janurary we got her to go to the doctor. 2 weeks after our first visit, We had another visit in early feburary. Well, As it turns out and after these past couple of visits, We learned that she ended up having a Tumor in her Esophagus, It's Late Stage 2 Esophagus cancer, and this really fucked us all up. Though, They found that the cancer has actually stayed in place and it hasn't spread, It also appears that her Vitals are fine aswell. Esophagus cancer can be cured luckily and typically Esophagus cancer is usually found at Stage 4 of all places, So she's REALLY lucky and by god am I glad we found it early. So she's been doing some surgeries and all that to prepare for the main portion of treatment and I have been helping her with that. So yeah, This is what we're currently dealing with, and I hope that we can get through this in the end. I'm confident considering everything that it will.

On top of this news, and even better news. We're getting married sometime this next month! Yes, A day before one of the surgeries, We actually proposed to each other. I should have been saying "Fiance" instead of Girlfriend but y'know. We're also planning to move out after all this gets done and over with because we feel like the house we're living in is a health hazard to us, With dealing with Black Mold and bonfires being made outside to throw trash in and everything. So yeah that's everything, I will be making a page dedicated to this situation for people to help donate money in various ways to help cover costs.