[3-1-23] Month 3 of the year already

Hey everyone welcome to a new blog update, Let's talk now

A new Urgent Help page + Situation update

With the ongoing situation with my Fiance, I have added a big red box on the page to click on that will lead you to a page about my fiance's cancer situation.

You can go to the page by clicking this link

But also with some updates, It seems like everytime we do go to the doctor the situation is looking better and better. Recently, She learned that the cancer is moving at a slow pace and that soon she will begin the whole proceedure of Chemo therapy and Radiation, Followed by a surgery and then more chemo therapy. They have been looking down into this situation and been very considerate to what kind of proceedure they're gonna do in the end. This is all good news as this month will be when all that goes down, This will be going on for the next 4 months and minimum so there's a lot of very promising factors at play here. I'm always on my guard to take in the worst but we've been kinda chilling out more as the time have went on about it considering that everything is in place.

Onto less worrying news, I have beaten Pizza Tower!

Although it has been weeks since this and I didn't want to add this into the previous post, I have beaten it! I will try to add a review for the game because it's actually so damn good! Trust me, I think a lot of people here would enjoy pizza tower.

V4 planning and future web hosting

As talks with my Fiance of moving out later, I've honestly been thinking about putting my Raspberry Pi 4 into work when it comes to webhosting, Infact I'm getting so excited to move that I even bought a router for when we move, We will be able to get Google Fiber in the area and I think I will be able to get a static IP with them and then I could use a domain on top. Moving from having 50 GB of room to having a whopping 512GB of storage for this site, Which is WAY too much but whatever y'know? I'm a data hoarder okay??? Anyways, Anonicus V4, I have been thinking about how I will make this site, and honestly my mind just moves to having it be kinda similar to what it is now but moved around, But I will try to think of a layout to be even different. I've been thinking to have the menu to be on the side in a box with another box underneath it to be a Page Navigation source. I also think I will be doing some changes as to have Main and About to be merged. My Other Tab will practically be the same except it might get a new rename. To being a ETC tab instead. But I will think about it. Also don't think I will completely leave Neocities, I will continue using Neocities as the main page will consist of minimized updates tabs and links to various places on my actual site. I also have plans if I manage to get better at HTML and CSS to have service websites for possibly a districts or webrings in the future but IDK... Oh and one more thing, IDK if dimden has shared about it but it was shared on the discord so I will talk about it. When it releases, I'm also gonna make a site on Nekoweb on top! Same name and everything just with a .nekoweb instead of .neocities . Honestly the site is looking cute but it's been in development and I've been watching it, But I hope others will be checking out aswell.

Anyways that's all I have today, Gotta stay strong out here and so do all of you! Cherish the good times and carry on my friends.