[3-6-23] Don't eat gas station hot dogs that's been there for a while (or probably been there for a while...)

Here we go...

Dev... What Happened? Why is the title so long????

Gas... Station... Hotdog... Or so I think. Yeah, This morning I have been feeling very nautious and was almost vomiting. So I'm kinda feeling like shit this morning. Oh god I'm feeling it again holdo n.

Okay I'm back, I actually did almost do it again. Damn bathroom far away... But uh, Incase if there was some kind of biography movie made on me in the future incase I do something (Either good or bad idk), They better damn sure to put this part into it. Just to humor myself.

I've ordered this HTML + CSS book

Some will call me stupid, But honestly this book was made by someone who's apparently really good at teaching stuff like HTML and CSS that has been in the industry in the past 15 years (As of that book). I'm also wanting to order the other books later that can teach me Javascript and eventually PHP and all that. Really cool stuff, Cause it would be really cool to eventually get more serious into actually making websites and getting paid as I think this is the path I wanna take as a career. Though 25, No college, Etc. I've seen people get jobs after a year of practice and they're like in their 30's. Though, That's a long path til then. I still promise to make my website quite simple and bringing back some of that old school internet flair to it in the mix.

Speaking of HTML and CSS

I have been starting to have many more ideas on how this site can look and how other pages to be like. And what I mean, The pages can be quite different from the main page, Just as long as the styling is consistant. But to bring out more of a flair and having all the tabs being shown instead of being categorized on another page. Idk, Just an idea but it may not happen for sure.

Fiance Updates

And finally I wanna talk about my Fiance for a bit. She's still doing fine, and been eating things like Scrambled eggs and all that. This week is quite a busy week for her as she's going to be going out today and the two other days for appointments and all that. Which today she's gone to talk to the Radiologist in which I couldn't be able to come because I had to get sick today, Which sucks. I don't know if I talk about this prior, But the Cancer Spread is actually kinda slow and that last week they had a planned schedule that this will take about 4 months to do altogether for her to get through chemo, surgery and radiation. So yeah, there's the update on her. I also appreciate to anyone that's been able to support her or considering to support her because of all of this.

Next week I might be a husband

On a more positive note, Next week we're considering going to the courthouse to get married! We're going to hold off the wedding ceremony until next year but yeah! I originally considered doing it tommorow but instead she would be busy with more stuff. But yeah, Good News to end off today's Pain and Agonizing issue of Gas Station Hotdogs that's been left out for hours (probably). Until next time, Take care and enjoy yourself.