[4-20-23] Can we get much higher?


We are so back

After the year of a fucking rollercoaster, We're finally at a smooth plane now. A calm before another storm persay. But right now, Everything is good, I'm good, and it's April fucking 20th baybeeee. Y'all better been playing Mother 3 while getting high today. Anyways, Yeah We're so fucking back fellas I'm actually excited to make this update since it's nearly been a damn MONTH.

Experiencing Ego Death

During my time away, I think I have experienced Ego Death. What had happened is that I took some edibles (Too bad not today) and tripped the FUCK off of just 1 edible, Yeah I know right? I'm actually a weak baby apparently when it comes to the newly fully legalized weed (which became legal back in feburary). Ever since then I haven't dealt with any deep depressions that I was dealing with, Infact...

Fiance Update

So Fiance went through the last of her Chemotherapy! She actually handled it well, 2 weeks of it she did get sick for like 3 days straight after each round of radiation. But the last one she didn't get sick at all! She's been able to eat again but like, Kinda taking it slow since she's not used to eating normally like this. But all in all, Blood good, Everything looking good so far. I hope it stays good. If any of you have been donating this entire time towards the treatment and all that, I want to thank you all for your kind help so far! Let's hope that she can beat this clean!


Onto site related news, YES BABY YESSS I GOT A DOMAIN! Infact I just added the domain a bit ago. I will update about me pages and stuff to even add contact to this website! I'm super excited to send emails and be a domain now! Ahem: My email is webmaster@anonicus.net feel free to say hi!

EDIT: Apparently the Domain isn't working through so I have reverted back to using the neocities tag :P. BUT I SHOULD ALSO MENTION THAT THIS SITE TURNED ONE YEARS OLD ON THE 13TH THIS MONTH AAAAA

Gaining motivation to get back to probably making a game

Lastely I wanna talk just a bit on the game I've been concepting, If you've been following me since then, you would know a while back I had an idea to start on a new game. But due to Motivation and situations leading into depression, I have not touched it at all... But i've been bringing myself back from the dead and writing down ideas on how this game gonna be. I'm planning on making it just one game instead of this multiverse game that I had originally thought up of, Meaning that many of the characters I have made for the previous idea has been going through reworks. I'm actually super excited to work on this game when I get to it, I may start drawing concept art so that maybe I can show you all what I have going on in my head

FINALLY, some good damn news for once eh fellas? Anyways, I will soon in the next few weeks I will be going on a roadtrip to virginia to visit some online friends, I may take and post pictures! So in the meantime, I just wanna say, I AM BACK! And hopefully things will be good for a while... Until next time! Stay safe out there and take care of yourselves.