[4-26-23] The gears are slowly turning once again.

Went to the gym!

And my arms are feeling like they're about to fall off! Even 2 days later @_@. Yes so basically I started to actually go to the gym, for the past few weeks I noticed that there's a gym nearby and that I've been needing to have an activity to do on my weekends that isn't sitting behind a computer and just doing nothing. Well, I came in there, Got my membership, Got my comfy gym clothes and shoes and all that, and started to work out! I actually went to the benchpress first and proceeded to bench 100Lbs. I could do it, Infact I did like 5-6 reps before my arms started to fall. Not bad but I felt like I needed to bring it down a bit to like... 80 lbs. And so I did, Kinda had the same result since the initial lift actually wrecked me. On my 3rd set I basically couldn't lift it and had some guy come over and help the bar off me. I wasn't in like, Life threatening danger or anything, But it comes to show that I'm still kinda weak baby. I did a few other things and was in there for about a little bit over an hour before I called it done for the day. Now for the past 2 days my arms are so sore that I couldn't lift my arms high enough before they started to hurt really badly. I'm sure I'll recover by this next weekend but like. Whew...

I started streaming again

Originally back last year I was actually streaming and I was kinda doing like a Vtuber for my character Rango, However I started to lose motivation into doing it. I think what really caused it was due to me not being able to continue the PC port of No More Heroes and that looking back in the vod, I didn't like how I sound and I wondered how the fuck anyone would be able to watch my stuff. But now I'm back! You can still find me at twitch.tv/anonicuss for my streams, However my streams will be completely random at times and I may start streaming multiple times per day aswell. There isn't any kind of donation box or subs to get either, It's just purely to stream just to stream. Also for now my avatar is more of a Mew currently. Lastely, This will bring motivation for me to actually add pages to my review places. I think I may start working on the Pizza Tower one if I feel like it after this.

Fiance Update

So this week is the final week dedicated towards doctor stuff in general, Infact tommorow is her last radiation day and then she will not have to deal with anything doctor related for a long time. So for now I won't have any new updates til then. But I will be keeping up the important box on the front page for now as this situation will be ongoing until this is all over.

That's it for now! I will see you all another time now! Bye bye!