[5-12-23] Travel Updates and a small Hiatus notice

Short hiatus

Hey everyone, I just want to say that to not worry about anything as this isn't anything bad happening. I will announce that I will be in Hiatus until I complete something! Yes, At this point I will be working on Anonicus V4, My 100% original coding project that will take me a bit of time. Hopefully I can get it beforehand. But for now, I would like to discuss what I wanna do as this may not be final. Firstly, I wanna add a Splash screen at the Index and a home page. Secondly, I will be adding a few more kinds of pages and maybe a category, Each category will be color coded just like the rest of the page (Mainly I'm looking at the background as everything will still be in Black and White.). Third will be a reassortment of all my pages, Mainly thinking about my Blog pages and Links page. What I will be doing is that all my buttons and links will be on the Home Page as clicking on one will bring you to a page with information with a return button in it's stead. This will make it easier to show any visitors what my website has as some parts of the website I feel like Might have been ignored. But, I think this may actually bring a bit more life than just being 100% black and white. But I promise that I will do my best to make each page appealing in various CSS styles.

I took a trip to Roanoke, Virginia!

So, The past week that I've been gone was actually me being in Virginia! I actually spent time with some of my online friends while I was there. However, I will make an entire place here later to talk about my Travels across the country (Maybe the world?) Overall, It was very enjoyable and I absolutely love it. I took many pictures and whenever I get to the point where I make my Travel page, I will talk more about this. (But a bit of a spoiler... I might be moving there within a year.)

Fiance Update

So In about 2 weeks she will have her surgery and before that she will get another scan. She's been holding up alright, She's been able to eat more and even eat part of a hamburger. Of course she mainly needs to be on a feeding tube for now however it is significant progress that she's been able to eat in general. After her surgery though, She will be on the feeding tube for a while until she can eat normally again, Though from then on she can only eat small portions, Like she can only eat smaller sized stuff, Which is fine as it's better than how she's been doing this entire time. But nevertheless things are improving.

Anyways thanks for reading now! I've been tired so that's why I'm typing this way lol, Anyways see yah.