[5-18-23] Anonicus V4 Launch! And other things

V4... Finally

Hello everyone! I hope this site is looking good to the many of you. This is the Anonicus V4 layout, All 100% of my own custom code within a span of a couple of days of work. Today I worked the absolute hardest porting everything in and making all the custom graphics for this site. I think with this new look, It's a very exciting time for me, Like a brand new chapter. There's even lesser pages right now but this site contains all the stuff from the previous site with the exception of explaining each category. Which maybe a good or bad idea but IDK yet. I will continue to work on it more.

Flaws of Neocities

I wouldn't lie... My experience of uploading my website here was actually a really terrible experience alongside a flaw of the Domain issues with CSS. Firstly, If you upload something with stuff in it with folders with even more stuff. All those folders will get deleted on the inside and actually end up bringing a mess of mixture of content inside the main folder. Basically bringing all that content up to the base layer and proceeding to have it all in one place, which isn't good when you're trying to upload a fuckton of stuff and all of a sudden one folder has basically all of your file mixed up and folders deleted (Which is extremely import to have those folders!). As for the Domain, I've had it working prior to this change and it worked mostly well. However the issue is that is completely breaks my css on this brand new layout. Which honestly, Makes it look like it's half work and half not working. So, IDK what I'm going to do now. If any of you have a solution to this, Please email me at webmaster@anonicus.net .

The flaw that made me make this layout

So, Anyone who's new or have been around shortly maybe familiar with Sadness' template which, Is great and one of those things I recommended to people. Prior to V4 and after V1, Both V2 and V3 was using Sadness' template. You couldn't really tell it was Sadness' because I managed to really get into the CSS and changed things completely around alongside using images as buttons to access other areas. No offense and I have no beef with Sadness over this but the CSS was REALLY hard for completely understand in plenty of places. You do have the neccasary stuff and there was things that was explains quite well. However, there was many things in which even after I STILL couldn't understand because it wasn't Documented within it or tricks that was used that tried to make it easier for those who are new. I eventually got fed up with dealing with the template and eventually lead into making my own. And well, I actually have it as a template for people to use! I will provide a page later for my Website Layouts that anyone can use. But anyways, This isn't to try to bring hate to her template maker as it's still REALLY solid to use for the most part. But having my own website now feels much nicer and I feel like I can do a lot more with it now. Without her Layout maker i'd probably just gave up on web development. But goddamn it, I'm truly a webmaster now!

"It's been a while since I shown my face around here"

  "So yes, I did manage to get a new Redesign as you can see. A slightly different variant of me that's uh... Unnecasary. But whatever, I assume that people will like the new changes being made around here. But don't worry if you think I will now talk less just because there's no sections dedicated to the main categories. You will see more of my face around, Like it or not!" She said with a smirk. "Anyways, I guess that's gonna be the Update for now hmmm? Buh-bye!".