[5-2-23] I accidentally called the cops today!

Screw the SOS feature on smartphones!

I promise ye, what happened today is probably one of the biggest facepalms I've ever done. So recently I got myself another smartphone, And this thing is rugged. Like you can throw it against a wall and it will break the wall all while the phone itself will be just fine. Battery Life is at a god level and the camera is actually pretty decent too. However, Today when I was putting a Micro Sd card into my computer, I needed the flash light. So I took my phone and turned on the flashlight and did what I needed to do. Now, Nothing wrong with this so far. It wasn't until when I was trying to turn off the flashlight from the power button that it didn't turn off. I'm actually so used to my old phone of being able to turn off the flashlight that way that I kept pressing the power button. This actually caused it to go into SOS mode, I was trying to disable it before the timer went off and when I thought I did, It still activated SOS mode. I was actually getting calls from the police department and I ended up having to explain that I was trying to turn off my flashlight on my phone. I gave them the info they needed so that they can log it (Kinda have to or else they will show up at my house). So yeah that's what happened today -_-;

Preparing the trip!

On other news, We are preparing to go across to virginia this thursday! I'm actually really excited cuz i get to see all of my internet friends this weekend! So far we have prepared for a few things, Made sure I had all my money and then we're gonna be setting sail towards there early that day. So i'm really excited.

Getting too bored of Youtube

I have talked about it in the past that youtube is a very fucking boring platform and today I got so bored even after getting fixated on a really cool piece of tech for like, 2 hours. I just, I don't know anymore. I don't wanna sit around doing nothing all the time, Which I do have ideas now what I can do with my time. But damn, Just curious if anyone else also feels the same at this point?

That's all I have today, I will see you all next time!