[6-14-23] Something about my eyes.

I learned today that I'm Near-Sighted

Imagine if you will, Browsing around the internet, See some shitpost thread, and seeing something about Farsighted vs Nearsighted. Story of my life today. For a while now I've been meaning to go to an eye doctor to get my eyes checked since I've been noticing them getting worse around my circle of vision. However, What I didn't expect that a lot of problems I commonly deal with are actually due to being Nearsighted. That's right, For many years now, Never have I thought that while having snow vision, I'm also near visioned. Man, And I sit here just going through my days with not really thinking of any issues and stuff. My friend Gummy has been telling me that it's probably why I get so sick in VR but IDK. I do notice that while in VR everything is more clear funny enough. Anyways, That's gonna be something I'll try to look into and hopefully won't be expensive to do.

Getting a pet Betta Fish!

Yep! I currently have a whopping 10 Gallon tank ready to get myself a Betta fish. Typically these fish are lone fish and that I can't put any other fish in the tank. I just need a few more things for the tank then I'll be ready to get a Betta and put em in the tank.

So that's it for the updates. I didn't really have much going on the past week I'll be real. However, a quick note is that I've been updating various pages like Links and Radio with even more content. Go check em out if you can. Anyways, I will see you all another time. Later