[6-23-23] Some Stuff

I'll be real this week has been not that great for me, This past week I learned that one of my aunts sadly passed away. The last time I actually got to see her was back in 2018 when my grandpa on my mom's side passed away (This was as soon as I got back from visiting my fiance Which at the time was my Girlfriend). I knew she had health problems but I wasn't too sure what she had as it was never explained. She was actually my favorite aunt as when I was growing up as she also played Games and watched anime and all that. May she rest easy.

I also learned that this week out of curiosity when I was helping my fiance shower that I now weigh 270 pounds. Which... Is honestly shocking as this was like 5 years since I last weighed myself (I was about 230-240 prior). This to me was a wakeup call and ever since I've kinda been watching what I eat and counting my calories. On top of this, I've been drinking mostly water and all that too. I need to start to slowly add exercises overtime to try and lose my belly for good. Because this has actually been making me harder to breathe and it's just not great in general.

I do have more news but I think I wanna save that for another time. I just need to get all this bad out of my system before I talk about some of the other things. Anyways, seeyah