[6-26-23] The future of Anonicus.net

Hello everyone, I am doing better now and I wanna talk a few things!

Future plans for this website

Now, anyone that's been following knows I still have to have some things to add to this site. Mainly my OC dex which I still haven't gotten around to do despite all this time, Hell I kinda need to draw more LOL. Anyways, I'm gonna be talking further on. So, ever since I got this domain with my email and stuff, I've noticed how hard it's been to actually access this website as of late. There's deffinately been more downtime issues when it comes to this whole ordeal. So I've been thinking that maybe later on, I will be ending up hosting this site somewhere else on a different host provider. Which has it's pros and cons, BUT DON'T WORRY, I have ideas still how to use the neocities side of things but for now this site will continue to be hosted on Neocities and my other projects will be much later. So don't worry. I will list all of my plans:

Webhosting for this site

Finally getting around to using the h3 tag, I will explain. What I'm considering is taking this website and plopping on a webhosting first. Then eventually I will move onto hosting this website from the comfort of my own home. I will have to learn how to do it first before even considering it.


I plan to use Neocities as a gateway into the website, But not just that but I wanna add lessons and resources later on for making your own website. It will also contain various links to my other projects. But that's not all!

Anonicus Districts

Although I will be using my blog and all my other stuff on a different web hosting service (Or self hosted!), I plan to also make Anonicus into like Districts. I've noticed that Districts on here hasn't updated since early last year and it seems like it's been abandoned. I do respect the person behind it and I wish I could go out of my way and help out tbh. However, If the person somehow comes back then I will scrap it.

Fediverse Applications

If you don't know what the Fediverse is, GO CHECK EM OUT! It's honestly really cool stuff and I'm planning on putting my feet in the waters with applications like Funkwhale and Pixelfed and probably more, Idk yet. The fediverse is honestly really cool and brings back the good ol days in which people are independantly hosting their own websites for others to come to and chat and all that. This will be something I've been interested in since I've seen it around (We aint never gonna use Mastodon, we're using Pleroma like a normal human being)


This is also something I want to do in the future. Using the Vidlii sourcecode that was recently open sourced on Liivid, I'm planning to try and launch a video platform service, Just as a Hobby/Personal thing. If I can't get it through I might end up just going with something like Peertube instead.

That's pretty much my ideas and plans. Now I want to be clear but this isn't trying for me to be like, idk, monopolistic? This is merely just for my personal funsies that I've been wanting to do, and I know it's all on a loss but It's worth it to me. If you have any questions or ideas, contact me at webmaster@anonicus.net !

Dieting progress

A few days ago I reported that I was weighing 269 lbs. Well as of today I ended up weighing 264.6 lbs! Insane right? I have been watching what I eat and drinking a bunch of water. Which is currently saving me plenty of money now instead of drinking sodas constantly and all that. Not only that, but I've been able to sleep good and I've been stepping up and exercising more. Either Upper body or lower body stuff. Hopefully I can make it to 260 within a week, Wish me luck on that!

That's all I got today, I feel so sleepy rn as I'm typing and this is one hell of a big update. Anyways, Seeyah next time!