[6-7-23] Root Canal and New Phone

Root Canal

So the past like... 3 weeks now? I've gotten a root canal. And basically they did it in 2 parts, The first time I got it, They numbed me up and only up temporaries in my mouth. However, the second time they were basically continuing making progress on my teeth. However, They didn't numb me and it actually hurt like a bitch on this one specific tooth. The other tooth didn't hurt at all, just vibrations. It kinda sucked...

New Phone! (Again)

Ahhh... For how much I've longed for the days of simplicity. It's a pain in the ass to get ahold of anymore, As these days getting a simple phone isn't a simple task and that you really need to look around it seems. The older style phones that get produced these days actually uses a modified version of Android that's riddled with google all over it. However, 1 phone stood out to me, And it was the Nokia 225 4G. So far it's been a really good phone, It's simple and I can even add a micro SD card into the phone, Which I've added a whopping 512 GB Micro sd card into it. I don't need that much but it will be good for holding Music and having it being played on Bluetooth when I need it. But man, It's going to be great going back to using older phones for the sake of them actually being more durable.


Related to the previous post, I've actually been making videos with said phone on a site called LiiVid! Now, I know some of you have heard about Vidlii and how the moderation became so bad that it practically became some kind of Neo Nazi Live Leak website anymore. But, the good people that was from Vidlii have migrated to a new site called Liivid. Which is practically the same but now it's way more moderated and you wouldn' see that kind of content on there anymore. You can check out my latest video talking about why I've been moving away from smartphones down here

Anyways, I will be adding more sections in the future of a video archive of things I make with video cameras. Until next time!