[8-7-23] It's been over a month since I updated

Wow, I can't believe it's been over a month since I actually last posted tbh. If you wanna know the truth? There was really nothing much to update or talk about. I felt like the past month I was in a stasis with nothing going on. But I guess I did accumulate just enough for a blog post. I don't know, I did say I want to do Weekly blogposts but like, It's kinda hard updating weekly when it feels like nothing is going on at all. But hey, I guess for now I'll just update when I feel like it.


Oh yes, I've been working, QUITE A LOT of OT for the past few weeks now. I've been going out of my way to save up to finally get my own place. However by the next part of the update I also spent quite a bit on something before I REALLY get into saving a lot. I've been finding homes and stuff that is deemed suitable for a down payment on them, But also I've been looking at apartments. Now with my guess, It would be ultimately cheaper to put down a down payment for a home instead because typically payments is like, 300-400$ per month and all I have to worry about is my current bills and Electricity, Water, Internet. My phone bill is yearly and even then isn't bad. But yeah, Compared to like, Paying over 1000$ per month for rent around here. Yesh...

Computer Upgrade!

Oh, Hell, Yes fellas... I have upgrade my computer with a new PSU and GPU. Now this thing has a whopping 850 Watt PSU with a RX 6950 XT. If you're more about Nvidia, This is comparable to a RTX 3090 in performance but costed me like 600$ for the GPU. I haven't been able to test out the more higher end games cause A). I had issues with Debian not being able to cooperate with my card and had nothing but a glitchy GUI so I ended up settling for another OS like Artix because SystemD fucked up and locked me out of my system.(The glitchy UI is from trying to reinstall Debian...) B). I don't actually have that many recent games in my Steam library LOL but I do have Cyberpunk2077 that my younger brother got me for christmas. So yeah, Basically my whole upgrade is for future proofing (BUT MORE SO TO PLAY SOME GAMES IM EXCITED TO PLAY, Tekken 8, Final fantasy XVI whenever that comes to pc...)

Future of blogging

I think for now on, I'll blog when it feels necessary but I will try to focus on more other aspects of the website like Reviews and Articles. I was working on one about Social Media but I never got around to publishing it at all for my Articles but I may just throw my other opinions about things first. So yeah, This is going to start to be a lot lesser and just that I will post things whenever I feel like it at this point. I will see you all another time, Later.