[9-13-23] Oh hey it's an blogpost

AAAAAA I'm back. I almost lost this site or could have. But here's an update!

Continuing onwards

So it's been over a month since my last update, and for those who are a keen eye. I turned 26! So that's gonna need an update in the Birthday section. So uh, Happy birthday to me I guess. Also, I plan on continuing to work on various other things to the site, Mainly, I want to redo my Art section and start on a new blank slate. I know that this is a bit of a controversial thing for me to do, but I'm deffo much better at doing art than I have posted. If you don't know, I do a lot of art but I only do it with characters that I cannot and absolutely cannot reveal just yet unless I get permission, even then there will probably be art I cannot post. But I am interested in going back to drawing more of my characters and hopefully I can do something a bit easier for the sake of implementation.

  1. All my art will now be in squares, This is something I typically draw in the most and it's something I'm very comfortable with doing.
  2. All my current art posted will be removed from this site, However you can still view it on sites like Newgrounds.
  3. I will begin to post art when I feel more confident.

I got a Acoustic Guitar!

Something I got back during last month is that I got a Acoustic Guitar! And quickly I was already showing signs of improvement. However Practicing has been kinda hard/I sometimes forget to practice. Basically working 3-4 days a week(Mainly been working 4 days for OT pay), It's hard for me to take it out in such a small space I'm in alongside I become too tired to work on practicing at night because I've also been attempting to stop drinking caffeine stuff. But, I am still trying to get around to practice and make it part of my routine.

Armored Core!

Oh baby yes, I've been playing Armored Core VI Skies of Rubicon and I absolutely love it. When I get around to it, I will be making a review (Yes, If you haven't noticed yet the pace of Game Reviews being posted is how often I actually complete games.) But I will be sure to beat this game no problem. It's been awesome and so far my GOTY.

Anyways sorry for the long Hiatus, I feel bad for not being around as of late. I will try to be a bit more active. Seeyah