Links to various Sites

This is the place for other people's links, or to other sites that I think are really cool!

Other Link Directories

    Peelopaalu is a site that's dedicated to a really HUGE directory of links for various different things from all across the web. Ranging from Really fun links to ancient links to really weird. Some of the links may have NSFW material but typically there's a warning beforehand. They even have merch as well.

Personal Sites / All Around

   Daniele's Website is a really cool site to check out. There's a really cool CRT video player in which you can use other kinds of youtube videos in order to see em like a retro TV. There's also a Music player of various different Videogame OSTs.
   Cyberdevil's website in which has plenty of works whether it's music and art. There's also a blog aswell if you want to know the mind of CyberDevil!
   dimden's site is a place consist of many things, Like Blogging and Various personal projects. However, This has a very interesting tool you can use to help advertise many sites across Neocities using "NavLink Ads". Go Check em out.
 Visit Melonking.Net!  This is the main site of Melonking! They made the Melonland Forums (right above the previous link), But also their website is also really cool. Especially if you love colors on your favorite webpages. There's all kinds of things around there, Go check em out if you want!
   Miela583 is a person who runs a very interesting and very inspiring blog filled with daily gaming and reviews. Go check em out!
   Gonnefishin or Gummy is a twitch streamer who I've known for many years. The website contains various different things such as "Did you knows" or various different OCs. Go check it out!


    AKA-38CAUTION is an artist with a very unique but awesome artstyle who makes quite a bit of Fanart of various things alongside with some Original Characters this person has made. They also do Art Commissions. But be warned, This site is awesome looking!
Home Infini is an amazing artist who has a very interesting site design. They make Comics, Art, etc. They also take Commissions, Quite on the higher range but for the quality of art you get, Like REALLY good, I'd say it's worth every penny!


   Fading Club is a Studio made by Karbonic who i've known for many years, Made games like Dashbored and Dreamwild. If you haven't already, You should go check em out! They're really cool stuff.


    Dan-Ball is a really cool website, Dated back in 2006. They tend to make games that are simple, Yet very addictive! I highly recommend checking them out if you want, Seriously!
   Vimm's lair has been one of the best places for preserving old Video Games and programs to use to run said games since 1997. It had other preservation projects suchs as old Video Game Manuals preservations and many more things. (Please note, Anonicus is in no way hosting anything from this website.)


    MelonLand Forums is a place in which you can discuss things on a very retro styled website. It looks really cool! There's various things to discuss and deffo a good place to check out when you're bored or want to partake in a internet forum.