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The place for various online radios that I have found that's free to use!


Soma FM is a site dedicated to hosting various radio genres, It's the one I commonly use when I want to listen to various music. It's really cool, Go check it out.

Newgrounds Radio

Newgrounds radio hosts music from the Audio Portal of . It hosts various genres of music and even has a Schedule. However It actually used to have a thing in which you can select stations which has since been away for a while now. It will also throw podcasts at you from time Live on the Newgrounds Podcast.

Worlio Radio

Worlio Radio is an online radio station that hosts a few different genres of music. Alternatively, You can check out for more things than just their radio station.

Radio Garden

Radio Garden is a site in which you can listen to every radio station in the entire world! There's a search and even a 3d globe to scout across! Really great if you wanna get into other places radio stations! is a site where you can listen to all kinds of J-Pop and K-Pop of various genres.

JetSetRadio.Live is more than just a place to listen to Jet Set Radio music, But also some of the other games including the newly released Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. However, it isn't JUST music from those games either, There's also stations dedicated to all kinds of beats and even some metal station. This has became one of my favorite online radios thus far for what it offers and for how much I love the music that is offered. Check em out!


Tilderadio is a interesting station dedicated to those part of the tildeverse, a community of people dedicated to things like Unix and Linux.


A radio dedicated to retro pc game music! Hosted in Japan.

A chill music station with a simple page, You can even upload music onto the station too!


Music station that plays a bunch of Video Game Music, Includes a chat on the website!


Simple Music Station that also plays a bunch of Video Game Music


A Music Station that plays a bunch of Demoscene music! There's apparently even Video Game remixes too!


Drum n Bass and Jungle! Do I need to say more?

Anima Amoris/

A multi-genre Electronic station, based in Russia! Mostly in Russian Language, getting to stations are in English.

Direct Radio Stations


Anonradio is a station that plays Japanese music of various genres.

Atanomo CyberForest

A very interesting station that is purely the sounds of a wooded area with occasional distant chattering

Misc Radio

WebSDR from The Netherlands

A website that you can play with the frequencies of a WebSDR. Hosted from University of Twente in the Netherlands.

Special thanks!

tomey, josemanue, Tsuki, whut for showing me these various other Online Radios that I have implemented here!