About Me

Name: Anonicus, Dev

Age: 26, [September 4th, 1997]

Gender: Male


I am Anonicus, I am quite a busy person irl spending half the week working typically. However, I have various kinds of interests relating from Technology to IRL hobbies. I'm very passionate about Gaming and Preservation ontop of self expression too.

This website is built for the sole purpose of expressing myself on the internet. It's My Portfolio, My Hub, My place to share various different creations that I have made over the many years. I find it very enjoyable to go out of my way to make my own website, and it feels... Free. You can find all kinds of really cool things laying around here.

I plan on many things and I'm not afraid of taking suggestions, I also appreciate all the really nice comments people leaves me <3


You can contact me with this

EMAIL: webmaster@anonicus.net


My interests vary as time goes on. But my interest as it goes:



Website Font

Originally used the Megaten20XX font, I have used another font from this site, Go check em out